Dear Freshers

Firstly, well done! You’ve gotten into Uni! With the highest number of applicants nowadays, that’s no mean feat!

When results day swung by it actually shocked me how long ago I went to pick up my A-Levels & how scary (& exciting) this new experience ahead of me seemed.

So to make it that tad bit easier on you, I thought I’d share what I wish I knew before I went to university.

Well first things first, food! If you’re moving away from home for the first time remember to pack some food in there. As after a busy day of unpacking, chatting to your new flat mates and learning your way round the building the last thing you’ll want to do is venture out to the supermarket. You’ll want to carry on getting to know everyone or crash out on your newly made bed!

Whilst we’re on the topic of kitchens some utensils NO ONE remembers are peelers – potatoes will become your new best friend, cheap, versatile & easy! – and a masher, okay maybe only useful for a few dishes, but mashing veg with a fork is more difficult than I initially expected!

I’m sorry this one broke my heart, like when they told me the rings of an atom were a lie and they are actually orbitals, not that I’m bitter or anything… Getting back to the point at hand. Books aren’t the font of all knowledge. I know, yet again the educational system have lied to us. The cutting edge current  stuff is hidden in journals and papers, soz. Google scholar, Wiley and the lark will fast become your trusted companions!

Join a society, I tried a few different societies, it’s a great way to make new friends at uni. Or if your uni was like mine and rather small course, you may want to escape the bubble and join a society in the local area! Plus it’s the perfect time to try out new activities, there will be a plethora of choice ahead, plenty you’ll have hardly heard of, so go for it!

As tempting as it is don’t leave your work until last minute – gosh I sound like your mother, so sorry. It was a lot easier at secondary school, but now research is required, and your lecturers will see right through a bodge job, remember your paying ridiculous amounts for this education make it count! Take in as much as you can, write notes & if you get a copy of what your lecture will be on, read up on it before. Questions will probably be asked and you don’t want to be sitting there dumbfounded.

Last but not least, enjoy it all. Those three years (or if you’re lucky more) will whizz by & you’ll be in the world of adults searching for a job & all the studying, societies and life skills you learnt will blossom!


2 thoughts on “Dear Freshers

  1. So many great tips Bonnie! My uni had so many clubs and societies and although I joined a few, looking back on it, I wish I’d taken more advantage of that! Great tip on bringing enough food for fresher’s week – I remember walking around looking for a supermarket getting increasingly hungry as I did!

    1. Thanks Shikha! Luckily on the food front my mum had got me prepared, but I’m in the same boat with wishing I’d taken advantage of all the clubs and societies available to me!

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