Madame La la self tan review

I am an absolute novice when it comes to fake tan. I’m not a fan of the whole wash off stuff and I’ve been too much of a chicken to try the stuff that sticks, on anything more than my lower leg and when I have tried (admittedly with stuff from poundland in my uni days – shh a friend recommended it) it went patchy and rather orange rather than a glowy golden brown.

In Thailand I was sensible and wore a high factor spf keeping my skin from burning (apart from when we snorkelled and I burnt my bum), the downside with being good to your skin in the sun is you don’t get that tanned. I know it’s a bit fickle & vain, but I love a tan. So I’ve been getting paler & paler since my trip with Patrick to Thailand and moaning about it with no avale.

That’s when the perfect opportunity arose and the lovely girls at Madame LA LA sent me across their self tan in light.

Armed with the encouraging words from a friend who always looks gorgeously bronzed and a few expert tips from Madame LA LA, I was ready to rock’n’roll.

My friend (an absolute goddess when it comes to all things beauty) told me to scrub and moisturise, paying extra attention to dry bits, the night before to get optimum results and reduce streaks. The goodie two shoes in me followed as instructed.

The next day a primed and polished me got ready to smother myself in this gorgeous golden lacquer and get my glow on!

Well it turns out its more a dark brown than a golden colour straight out the pump. Yes, as a self tan novice this was quite daunting to me, but actually it’s a great guide to show you wear you’ve covered and where you’ve missed – oh you clever people behind Madame LA LA!

It’s a mouse so you’ll be surprised how far a tiny bit can go. Something I’d read on several reviews is a coconut scent, yes it’s there, but ever so subtle and I’m pleased of that as it was another fear of mine with fake tan, that I’d smell like a strange biscuit.

Leave it for 10+ hours before showering – don’t worry it didn’t rub off on any of my clothes or bed clothes, absolute win! Their tag line is I went to sleep in London … & woke up in LA.
Well check out the results for yourself.

As you can see from the picture above I am left with a gorgeous golden tan – with no blotchiness & it fades like a natural tan. All you need to do is moisturise daily and reapply once a week to keep a natural looking glow (I certainly don’t need more, I just don’t want to be as white as a ghost in winter). It’s a little bit pricier than some self tans coming in at £36 but I think it will last a good long while & it leaves me streak free, so I’d say it’s worth it!

If you fancy getting a bit of a tan without the sun you can get Madame LA LA from their online shop, or a number of retailers across the world!

If you fancy a golden glow as though you’ve stepped off a jet straught from LA LA land, I cannot recommend it enough!


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