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Dirty burgers & clean sculptures

You know what’s great about London?!

Things are popping up everywhere…

I mean literally!

Jason deClaire Taylor is the mastermind behind the underwater sculpture ‘The Rising Tide’ to draw attention to how the tide changes and how significant this can be. Taylor promotes important issues through his sculptures, mainly around environmental awareness. His most recent work focusing on climate change and how this could have an effect on the delicate water levels.

How are horses anything to do with climate change I hear you ask? Well this is what I thought too! Apparently it all lies in the head. They aren’t any ol’ horses heads there, those are oilwell pumps – yep, it’s a nod to those naughty fossil fuels we are so keen to drain. You may also have noticed that there are four horses which I can only imagine is a bit of a morbid hint at the four horsemen of the apocalypse!

Taylor is famed for his underwater sculpture park in Molinere bay off of the coast of Grenada, to draw divers away from the fragile coral reef to enable rehabilitation & growth of the coral ecosystem.

In the time it took us to devour our burgers and fries, the sculptures slowly revealed themselves more and we couldn’t have been there longer than 20 minutes all-in-all.

Now I know if you’re anything like me you’ll be all, but what about the burgers?! Well they are from a snazzy American burger joint that’s popping up all over the capital – Dirty Burger – another great find through Zomato! & yes it does live up to the name.
Their Vauxhall branch is a tin shack of a place with a handful of seats inside and out – so not great for larger groups, but perfect for a quick stop.

The menu is relatively simple, stripped back to only 3 burgers to choose from. Perfect for the indecisive when it comes to food – oh hey there, that’s me!

The burgers are perfectly cooked to a medium rare, utterly juicey and top quality meat. But be warned their greasy, delicious and most certainly dirty – that little hand wipe, you’ll most definitely need that!

The cheese burger was my choice and it was absolutely divine – their creamy mustard sauce cuts through the grease without being too sharp, topped with fresh shredded lettuce & tomato so we can at least say there’s some healthy in there.

If you’re feeling particularly peckish you can double up on the patties for an extra £3, & even though they look small, they are dense with protein so you won’t be left feeling empty!

Crinkly fries are great for all you chip lovers. I’m a bit more of a crispy frie lover so went for the onion fries – think onion rings in pieces. I was thoroughly impressed by the crisp batter and soft oily onion rings, again if you don’t like grease this ain’t the place for you!

It was a perfect Friday lunch treat & I noted they’re open ’til 2am on Friday & Saturday nights, do you see where my dancing feet are leading me pre, during  or post night out?

In the meantime Rising Tide is being uprooted on the 30th September, so if you’re in town you swing by, even if it’s just for the stunning view of our fair capital! If you miss it you’ll just have to find an excuse to visit Grenada don’t you think?!

Dirty Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


One thought on “Dirty burgers & clean sculptures

  1. The Rising Tide sculptures are incredibly beautiful yet quite daunting, wish I had time to catch them before they move on. Also LOVE a veggie Dirty Burger, I just wrote about their Whitechapel branch last week, looking at your pictures is making me crave another trip!

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