Skinade review

As you may have noticed from my Twitter and Instagram feed I am trying out skinade.

Skinade is essentially a “bioavailable” collagen, now what they mean by that is that the body can take collagen in through the digestive system without breaking it down as it does with proteins normally. Well very few scientifically sound studies back this claim. However the other ingredients include vitamin C which have been shown to help maintain collagen levels, but not necessarily boost them once they’ve already started declining.

It’s primary selling line is ”better skin from within”. Keen to see if the boasts on their website were true, I was happy to sample it.

Time to see what all the fuss is about ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘

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Many reviews I read previously noted a ‘medicinal taste’ which some were not so taken with. However, the closest taste I can think of is a slightly watered down multivitamin/tropical juice (which I suppose is what it is, essentially) and as those who went to primary school with me can attest, I love citrus, so I liked it.

I love the little gels which you decant into water and mix, very handy for traveling. This got me thinking this would be the perfect product to travel with with the required vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. Perfect to slip in your bag and take on a flight and have another for that stop over to ward any nast iesgetting in your system on the dreaded second long-haul flight for the jet setters among us.

After the 30 day trial I am a little disappointed in the results, the skinade team did say that individuals can take different amounts of time to haIve an effect.

Although it hasn’t really had an effect on fine lines and autumn still seems to be wreaking havoc on my skin, but I do think it has had a positive effect on my hair & nails, which both are usually painfully slow at growing.

Skinade was a great quick pick me up with a hit of vitamins, much like what they said at the juicing vs blending evening & great as a quick fix before/during/after exercising.

To be completely honest as it hasn’t worked any wonders on my skin I probably wouldn’t buy a 30 day trial, however they do seem to have rave reviews elsewhere and may have a better effect a few years down the line – but if you’re after a new multivitamin drink, I’d say it was great!

*Skinade 30 day trial was a free sample for me to try, however as always, the views expressed are my own.


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