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A Day out to see Audrey

Getting up bright eyed and bushy tailed, Joelle & I were ready to face the day ahead with no tickets but bucket loads of intent in seeing the Audrey exhibition one blazing Sunday!

After all it was Audrey who said Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Audrey Hepburn, icon, exhibition

Well, the lovely people at the National Portrait Gallery do keep a certain amount of tickets to sell on the day. We walked in with no queue at all to the ticket desk & booked two places for the next available slot, in two & a half hours. So if you’re on a tight time limit probably a good idea to book before – on this particular day there were none available online & we had all day, thus we weren’t too bothered by a little wait.

This gave us time to hop over to St Martins Courtyard bathed in sunlight, a plethora of restaurants to choose from and fantastic people watching opportunity – if you’re in Covent Garden area & fancy somewhere buzzy, but not as crowded this is the one!

With grumbly tummies we thought we’d make like Holly Golightly & nibble on something as we perused. Unlike Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s we fancied a perch and something a little more substantial than a croissant & a coffee. We plumped for Bill’s, perfect for said people watching with plenty of window & outdoor seating – I’ve often visited for Brunch, but Lunch was a whole new ball game for me.

Restaurant St Martins Courtyard, Bill's, easy lunch, cheap, reasonable, good food

As soon as I read the menu the halloumi & hummus jumped out at me, whilst Joelle decided Bill’s marinated chicken skewers was her calling.

Bill's lunch, halloumi & hummus, delicious

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?

Halloumi & hummus at Bill'sHalloumi!

Ladies who lunch 💁 #SundayFunday

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We flitted lunch away with chats about childhood games and how simple games could entertain us for hours in the playground in between mouthfuls. Once we’d cleared our plates it was soon time to stroll through sunny back streets back to the National Portrait Gallery for our allotted time.

We went through security again, making the same jokes about Joelle’s holey bag, with no avail and skipped through the halls lined with portraits, because as I said it’s the portrait gallery! Kate Middleton sitting proudly greeting everyone who enters with her kind eyes.

I have a huge admiration for Audrey, having watched all her films, read about her work with UNICEF & her pictures lining my wall. She is the epitome of grace, delivers line faultlessly & kindness radiated from her. After watching her in Paris When it Sizzles & hearing “Serendipity, lt means opening your eyes each morning and looking at the bright new day and going absolutely ape!” I have been tempted to get Serendipity as a tattoo – that’s no mean feat for someone scared of needles (but then again I haven’t got it… yet). Audrey Hepburn, portraits of an icon, National Portrait Gallery, Exhibition

There are very few people stand the test of time and gain the title of Icon, but through her story it’s pretty easy to tell how she’s gained such status.
Growing up in a war torn Austria, trying to raise vital funds for the Dutch resistance whilst suffering from malnutrition. Even with these troubled beginnings she went on to become an amazing actress, mother & humanitarian.

Far too many women, especially on the big screen are admired solely for their beauty & style, don’t get me wrong, her doe eyes, strong brows and cute pixie cut are a striking combination – but there’s far more than a pretty face to her & this is beautifully displayed in the exhibition.

The collection follows Audrey through her life (1929-1993), from personal photographs from her childhood, love of animals – come on, everyone knows she had a pet deer right?! – charity work; of course her iconic roles & captured by renowned photographers like Cecil Beaton, Norman Parkinson & many others.

If you haven’t already I would highly recommend a visit to Audrey – she’s only there ’til 16th October.


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