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Top 8 things to do in Koh Samui

Yep, I am dragging out these Thailand posts and there ain’t nothing you can say or do to stop me! I love writing about holidays and travelling, it’s like reliving all the best bits, so I thought I would summarize all the best bits to do if you were thinking of visiting Koh Samui (but most apply to the whole of Thailand).

1. Get a Thai massage

Koh Samui, Bo Phut, Fishermans village, Thai Massages

Whatever way I say it, I always think they fill you with dread of those creepy ‘Thai massages’ – this is as far from that as possible – they’ll be rough with you, but do not strip to your skivvies, you’ll get more than odd looks! If you’re staying in Bo Phut, I’d recommend walking along the beach and finding the best deal. Peace resort have one hit by the pool and another over looking the beach. Another resort along the beach has a tree house for their massages; a beautiful view, sea breeze and massages that reduce you to a pool of calm. Perfection!

2. Go to a night market

Koh Samui, Bo Phut Night market

Nights in Thailand are far more pleasant than the harsh Sun of the day to weave your way through crowds, barter prices and eat street food to your heart’s content with the occasional cocktail to wash it down. The fisherman’s village night market on Friday nights is a spectical to be seen, colours, lanterns, delicious smells wafting through the air whilst stalls owners are trying to tempt you with amazing prices and quirky products.

Thursday’s is when the nightmarket is in Nathon the islands capital and sea port – proper traditional grilled foods and you’ll find some weird and wonderful things!

3. Sample the local cuisine

To get the low down on what eateries Koh Samui has to offer read my foodies guide to Koh Samui. But do not leave Thailand without sampling some mango sticky rice, it’s what dreams are made of!

4. Island tour

There is so much to see so I’ve written a whole posts just to cover this amazing half day tour. Highlights include panoramic views, waterfalls and beautiful gold gilded temples.

5. Snorkelling

This was an amazing experience you don’t need to know how to do it, after swallowing the ocean a few times you’ll soon know the angles to put your head and get used to breathing through the odd mouth pieces. It’s all certainly made worth while as exotic fish nibble at your toes, stare you in the eye and show you round their humble abode of the deep blue.

6. Angthong national marine park

Angthong was incredible. Not so great for snorkelling; However the coral here is absolutely magnificent viewed from above as you kayak around this water wonderland. There are also some amazing walks and hikes – so bring good shoes if you’d like to do them!

7. Full moon party

The neighbouring Island to Koh Samui is Koh Phang An where the notorious full moon partys happen on a monthly basis. Unfortunately our trip just fell short of the full moon party, but it’s only a 30 minute boat ride between the islands if you do fancy a night of raving! – Otherwise Chaweng on Koh Samui is tourist central, filled with lots of night clubs if that’s your thing – we didn’t particularly like it here as it felt far too commercialised and lost the Thai feel of island life, you may as well be in Magaluf.

8. Water sports

Yes, I’ve said about going further afield above, but along the beaches of Koh samui you’ll see paddle boarders, jetskis and flyboards all gliding across the water, with varying prices. Like the massages, walk along the beach, find your best price and try out your new found bartering skills.


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