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A London Pilgrimage (or Two)

Not too long ago my friend & I went for dinner and a show in the West end. I’d been dying to see Book of Mormon for quite a while, but the crude humour would have to wait as our bellies were rumbling.

I’m sure you’ll have heard of Pizza pilgrims by now, but I’ll give you a little background.

It was all set up by brothers that decided to jump ship of their stable 9-5 jobs and take off for Italy to learn all things pizza.

Once back in the UK, they started off with one van? Which travelled around London markets making fresh handmade pizzas ‘just like mamma used to make’.

They’ve grown greatly since their humble beginnings into 3 shops in Soho And 3 vans which still travel London.

Check out their mouth watering dishes here.

In some cases the pizzas are eye watering too!
On my first visit being a keen hot chilli eater I went for nduja. It was amazingly flavourful and delicious keeping you going back for more, but my nose and eyes were streaming by the end of it. So probably best not on any sort of romantic occasion or where your makeup would be best intact after the meal. But there are plenty of other options!

When we visited recently I went for the filetti I just love how the pizza bases come out beautifully blistered from the oven and the cheese is perfectly stringy.

All the recipes are oregano-al and authentic. tehe.

The drinks are all Italian too, but one thing I still crave from visits to Italy is Lemonsoda – then it would be perfection! I was adventurous and tried the San peligrino chinotto. BAD CHOICE, Bad choice, if I could Ctrl + z that very moment, I would! Bitter, sharp and quite frankly tasted alcoholic but with none of the fun!

If you haven’t been yet, what’s tomato with you?
Take a peek at their locations and see if you’ll be passing by anytime soon. You won’t regret a visit!

With happy bellies we took to the cobblestones and marched to the Prince of Wales Theatre for the show.

We took our seats and an angel began to twirl as the brass began to play taking us to the opening scene… I’m sorry, I’ll have to leave it there for the description as I don’t want to ruin the story for you!

Book of Mormon has the most upbeat ridiculously inappropriate songs I’ve ever come across and you can’t help yourself from laughing! Everyone was roaring before the end of the first song.

Elder Cunningham was certainly the character I was drawn to the most. He has an all over the place, giddy, childlike mentality. Apart from the compulsive lying I think I relate to him far more than I care to admit.

It’s quite spectacular that they’ve been able to keep the show going with the mix of offensive language, questionable character names & at face value sheer mockery of Mormonism, but I suppose it does spread out the offence equally, so that may be what’s covering their arses?! – that reference will be tonnes funnier after you’ve seen the show… I hope anyway…

You know I said about language? Yeah wait ’til you hear the generals full name, they’ve just called him General on their website, but I can assure you there’s more to it than that.

There are some pretty dark issues addressed in an extremely light manner and eventually bringing yourself in a 180 at the end to question all that you’ve seen.

The costumes & staging are quite simple, yet effective and completely absorb you into each scene.

I’d 100% recommend this to each and every one of my friends, but as I said, those easily offended may wish to steer clear.

Pizza Pilgrims Pizzeria & Frigittoria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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