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Of the Earth Superfoods

It’s autumn I want hearty, delicious food & none of the guilt, pleeeeasssse! – I mean don’t we all?!

Just as I’m ready to tuck into all da carbs, all da cheese & all da chocolate – Of the Earth superfoods (OTES) stepped in & sent me a box full of delicious goodies; no artificial bad stuff, packed full of vitamins & sustainably produced!

Their acerola cherry and goji berries super truffles are dense, rich and fruity – great as a snack, fill you up and are good for you! & in the colder months my stomach becomes a bottomless pit, so these are perfect for between meals instead of snacking on chocolate, crisps and anything bad I can reach for!

Now, I concede to the British stereotype.

I love tea.

I love it all from a good builders brew to a herbal tea & all things in between (apart from peppermint tea, but hey ho).

OTES’s got my back on this one with two pretty lil tins of teas.

How Matcha did I like this one? a Latte!

Soz, just had to fit that one in somewhere! Stick to two teaspoons of powder, don’t go for heaped or it will leave you with sludge at the bottom, mix well as directed with hot milk & you’ve got a spiced delicious, green latte. HULK SMASH! – no don’t smash it, just drink it – otherwise it will get dreadfully messy! It’s my absolute favourite thing out of the whole box, sweet, smooth, a hug in a mug; absolutely perfect for these chilly evenings we’re experiencing!

The roobios, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the name, it’s a fun one to say.

As my brother says tea fixes everything!

I am not normally one for overnight breakfasts, I’m often indecisive in the mornings, but when I had to get up at ridiculous o’clock, the dear me cereal was perfect – 3 tablespoons, 1/2 cup milk and overnight soak and I got a delicious creamy pot of goodness in the morning when I was bleary eyed with a long day ahead keeping me full til the usual lunch time!

If like me, you are indecisive in the morning and prefer a bit of spontaneity, you can use it atop any other cereals without soaking, or enjoy on its own – but I prefer it with milk!

Hemp seeds?! What on earth are they?! Hemp is commonly associated with cannabis, you’ll be pleased/disappointed to find out this part of the same family, but won’t be getting you high as a kite.

I had no idea initially what to use them for! After a quick search of the world wide web I found that they can be used to make delicious raw sweet treats such as protein bars; sprinkled over salads or cereals to boost healthy fats and vitamins; as a gluten free alternative to breadcrumbs and I’m sure they’d be a great boost to an autumnal crumble! – I especially loved them atop my porridge adding a nutty depth!

Now after loving all the stuff they’ve sent me, I’m dying to get my hands on their hot chocolate tin, filled to the brim with antioxidants, goodness and has an absolutely dreamy description! Definitely one for the dark winter evenings, when all you want is to snuggle up in a big blanket, watch a good film & have a gargantuan mug of hot of hot cocoa – plus you know it’s all natural!

I can’t wait to burrow away into my hibernation nest with all these goodies without an ounce of guilt! Go on, join me & my smug emoji! You know you want to!

*OTES sent me the box of goodies for free.
As always all thoughts expressed above are all my own.


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