The Martian

I’m not going to lie when Patrick suggested going to see The Martian I hadn’t even heard of it.

Patrick was raving about it, he has good taste in films & the general description sounded interesting, so I agreed to go (SPOILER: best decision this month). I’ve never been to a picture house cinema and was quite excited by the promise of snazzy plush seats, that are actually comfortable and give you enough room to be restless (or do the pee dance on the final five minutes).

You know the best bit?!

They have Wine! No no, I know other cinemas have wine, but picture house have a bar with actual good quality wine! A glass of shiraz for the boy and malbec for me and we were ready to watch the red planet with our red wine. Have I said wine enough?

I would love to claim I’m a well read person that knew this was a book, but I would be lying! The Martian was adapted from a 2011 book by Andy Weir, once adapted to the big screen Ridley Scott has taken the reigns in directing it & you know you’ve got something special to see when it’s Sci-fi & Ridley Scott is associated. A thrilling story of a man abandoned after being presumed dead and left unable to contact earth, we watch as his story on the red planet unfolds.

The cast is as star studded as a cowboys belt, I mean even the smallest parts will have you going I KNOW HIM(/HER) à la Elf. I was absolutely absorbed within the first 3 minutes, as though I was at NASA & Houston we most certainly have a problem! You know what’s great too? It’s is fantastically quick witted, not taking itself too seriously, which cuts through the tension like a knife through hot butter & also makes it seem more real, more relatable.

The science within it is amazingly plausible, with my favourite line from the whole film, that I’ve probably said far too many times already is “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this”. My nerdy science lovers heart started thumping and I was in love, with the film, not Matt Damon, nope those topless scenes did nothing. Nope, not at all! I didn’t even notice his rock hard abs gleaming in a particularly gory scene at the beginning… But, if I did, I wouldn’t be disappointed, just saying…

Anyway, lets compose ourselves and get back to the science! Matt Damon’s flawless body delivery makes you believe he could be one of the genii it takes to become an astronaut. The scientific principles used and execution of every single calculations make you believe that this all could actually happen… For real!

The sheer determination & grit running through every character, in every scene of the film is quite inspiring! A man wakes up after a sandstorm, alone & starts planning how he can survive! I always get far too sucked into films and this really made me think if he can do that, I can deal with my earthly problems. I mean, I have practically unlimited oxygen, able to grow food easily & water is relatively sustainable (well come on, in relation to what we know of Mars to this day – yes, we I know we’ve potentially seen water, but just give me this one for now eh?).

However, much Damon’s character Mark Watney says Lewis’ 80s disco music is horrific, I can’t help but absolutely love the soundtrack – that may or may not be anything to do with the appearance of an Abba track in there, but who knows?! I may or may not be an Abba maniac… You’ll never know.

Seriously it’s one of the best films I have seen in a while, making you think without realising it, delivering that fantastic escapism you can only get from the movies & yes the wine may have given me a bit of a rosy glow about the whole experience too!


3 thoughts on “The Martian

    1. I can genuinely say it was one of the best films I have seen in a while! & do not worry! I absolutely hate a spoiler, so all posts will be spoiler free! Now go & see it and tell me what you think!!! 😊

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