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ChopShop, St James sq.

This was actually a complete stroke of luck that we stumbled upon ChopShops shiny tinfoil like caravan in the middle of st James’s sq.

Initially we were trying to go to Byron for their 25p burgers, an amazing deal to raise awareness & funds for One feeds Two.

But I digress, ChopShop has got a permanent position in Haymarket, right opposite Byron in fact, however we passed that and explored the surrounds for something to stuff our faces with before worming our way back to the office.

We came across St James’s sq and decided to walk around until a glint caught our eyes and like Magpies we were drawn in.

With burgers on our minds and blessed with pleasant sunshine and warmth what better place to put a burger in your face than a sun dappled park? We plonked ourselves down on the makeshift tables and chairs as the burgers sizzled away & were quickly wafted on to the table.

OH MY. Yep, this is a good’un.

The brioche buns are basted in some sort of batter, which it when it meets the hot griddle crisps up perfectly, for a satisfying crisp outer bite and soft fluffy cloud like brioche inner. Yep, I’m salivating! Oh My it was so good!!!

They double you up on the patties, with cheese cascacading off them, put in a few streaks of crisp bacon and top in an utterly creamy sauce and a bit of healthy green stuff, because that fresh crunch just can’t be beat.

It’s a little more refined than the dirty burger, but just as messy to eat. But I think my friend would tell you I practically hoovered mine up, so yeah. Not so much mess.

Take that everyone who tells me to eat slower – yes, I know I really should, promise I will… Eventually.

All in all, Ima have to visit their lil place on Haymarket as I’m not too sure their caravan that looks semi-alien is going to be in St. James’s sq. But whilst there is beautiful sunshine and we can still eat outside I suggest we take advantage of it!

Chop Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

66 Haymarket, Mayfair,
London, SW1Y 4RF


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