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Ping Pong, Wembley

Dim sum one say delicious Chinese yum cha for a reasonable price?

Yooohooo, that was me. I said it!

Well it’s not quite yum cha as we didn’t go for brunch, in fact it was dinner time. Neither did we have it with ‘tea’ as such, so I suppose we just went for dim sum.

Ping pong is a small chain of restaurants specialising in little picky bits and pieces of chinese foods – that’s the dim sum! Perfect for sharing, indecisive people & people who know what they want, & what they want is everything!

So let me walk you through the super simple order process. Sit down they’ll hand you a menu, a pencil and a tick sheet & you simply tick what you want a fabulous waitron (yep, that’s the gender neutral term! Since discovering it I use it all the time) will swoosh it away and swiftly bring your drinks, and the food will come as each dish is cooked.

I hopped on a peach earl-grey Julep quicker than you can say howdy partner; whilst Lizzie meticulously scanned the lengthy drinks menu ’til deciding upon the hibiscus spritz.

Our drinks came in frosted icey peculiar looking vessels.

The hibiscus spritz came in what looked like a science experiment kit full of test tubes with a bright red blackcurrant, elderflower & hibiscus concoction & a hibiscus flower set on ice in the perfect swirling glass – hello Bond villain. Luckily the taste was far from a chemistry class as you can get, deliciously fresh, sweet, zingy and a light fizz!

Where as mine came in nothing short of a stein, fit for a pirate of the seven seas – yep, definitely keeping that career prospect open or mermaid! – Okay perhaps the ice sculpture and dried flowers exploding out the top take the rough & ready edge off it!

As you may have noticed, it was a julep like no other, flavoured with earl grey tea, delicate peach aromas & buckets of ice to keep your whiskey chilly – well they do say yum cha is traditionally served with tea – gold star for me! I normally like my cocktails sweet, but from time to time I want a bit of a kick & what better time to drink whiskey than just before a country concert? It just felt right!

Now for the best bit! THE FOOD!!!

First to the plate – hehe, this works perfectly in this context – was prawn toast. E’rybody got time for prawn toast drenched in sesame seeds , perfectly crisp, crunchy and out of this world with the spicy mango sauce.

I have love Char Sui buns since visiting Sydney’s Mr Wong, pork ones to be specific. They are all the good bits of bread, sweet, pillowy soft and fluffy encasing a saucey melt in the mouth honeyed bbq pork – it’s frickin’ fantabulous! Ping pong I had high expectations and you knocked it out the park!


Loved it! Certainly one you can’t leave without trying, it’s a life changer! – okay, soz getting far to into the char sui!

Duck spring rolls! You cannot go wrong with spring rolls. These were GGrrrreeattt!!! Perfectly crispy pastry with spring onions, duck and a fresh hit of cucumber – dip it in the hoi sin & you’ve got a match made in foodie heaven.

Spicy chicken dumplings were a real underdog, easy and not much expected. But Damnnnn that sauce! Delicious sweet sticky heat.

Last & probably least was the chicken & cashew dumplings didn’t quite stand up against the rest of the dishes a bit stodgy with no real texture, dipped in the hoi sin the chilli came through in the chicken was cooked well – no chance of being dry, but not one I’d go for again.

On a whole the service was ridonkulously quick once we grabbed someone to take our orders, the the food was fantastic and really well priced. The thing with any picky-bit foods is that prices often hike up once you’ve actually had enough to make a reasonably sized dinner – ping pong have happily bucked that trend & I’m all for ’em!

Feeling indecisive, strapped for time before a concert or big game & want plenty of pies buns to stick your fingers in? Ping pong is your babe!

Ping Pong Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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