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Bunnychow, Soho

I met Lorna on a cold dreary Wednesday, hump day was getting us down but she’s got a new job and I haven’t seen her in ages so any excuse for a meet up and delicious food is a winner in my book.

We decided on Bunnychow a South African fast-food joint that I’ve been meaning to go to for yonks (another thing on my much loved lists)!

I’ve never been to South Africa, but I’d love to. In fact my friend Chloe & I are pretty darn good at the South African accent and fooled people on holiday once, but that’s another story for down the pub after a few!

Lorna and I turned up with tummies to fill and lots to catch up on.

I saw drinks in kilners & brioche & I was sold, added to my love of pumpkin spice lattes my brother would definitely call me basic; but all things basic come to a sharp hault from here.

As Lorna ummed and ahhed I went in for the kill with the Durban in a brioche bun topped with a freshly made coleslaw.

The Durban is a mutton curry, rather mild in comparison to the chaka laka, the savoury and perfectly paired to the brioche, so it ain’t so bad going with them basic choices after all!!!

Lorna went for the Chaka laka – yep, that’s a fun one to say a few times over with crunchy nachos.

We couldn’t resist a little side along with our bunnys, a bowl of meatballs for me & some ribs for Lorna.

It all came to the table in crockery that had me getting flash backs of guide camp – luckily the food is a hella lot better than our weird inventions we cooked there, but I love the camping feel to it.

Meatballs, so hot. I mean like you’ll be streaming – so delicious, but when I had a spice infused Invictus as my only fire extinguisher, it’s hot & only builds. But still I have no regrets – or perhaps I should say no regerts!

By the sounds of things the sauce on the chaka laka is the same on the meatballs – mouth is on fire, but so tasty must go back for more.

What’s an invictus you ask? It’s a delicious fresh juice with a blend of spices, chilli, lime & ginger, sweet, spicey and different – I can’t resist ordering things I’ve never heard of or tried and that was the case with the whole dinner here – absolute dream for me!

All of bunnychows juices can be transformed into an alcoholic cocktail with the addition of either rum or vodka for just £2! – that’s £4.50 for a cocktail, oh hey there new watering hole in London!

The next day after hearing me harp on about Bunnychow a few people ordered it in to the office, so I just had to sample their bread & butter pudding that I had eyed up at the counter – good choice! Fruity peachyness, raisins & a custard baked brioche – see the middles aren’t even wasted! Smart move Bunnychow, smart move!

It’s a great little place, jam packed with nostalgia, super cheap grub, lots of flavour & will certainly fill a hungry tummy! – quite handy if you’re after a quick & cheap meal that’s a little different, before the theatre & even for breaky – the breakfast bunnys are to die for apparently – so that’s another thing to add to the ever growing list!

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