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Balls & Co., Soho

What is in a name?
101 puns that’s what!

I can definitely, maybe, probably, assure you that I could or could not have giggled every time the name, Balls & Company was mentioned. Gosh even typing it makes me grin like a Cheshire cat!

Ball & co. is a restaurant nestled in a place that I associated with cheap drinks & dancing til the sun came up – remember cheapskates? No, well you missed out. Not classy in the slightest, but you’d always come home with a funny story.

Now it’s had a bit of a tszuj with good eateries popping up all along the way, Ball & co. being one of them.

We bustled in out of the cold street sitting right inside the door (not so great when the door wouldn’t close properly).

It’s a fancy pants joint in a chilled environment, by that I mean mains don’t come with their sides & casual attire is encouraged.

Parsnip crisps were left for us to inhale as we decided on what to fill our bellies with.

Said menu is split into balls, your sauce – mix and match they all go! – then add a few sides. Of course don’t forget the specials menu!

We went for the classic waygu beef balls in bechamel sauce – if I could I would bathe in this, & I still wouldn’t have enough – heavenly, pure angels work!

For the chicken balls we chose the pesto sauce, good, light, herby & soooo succulent – like amazeballs. But the waygu is the thing of dreams & the chicken didn’t quite match up in either of our opinion.

& of course there were sides! Dripping roasted potatoes (off the specials), salty, crunchy & crisp, cracking open to the fluffiest potato inners you’ll ever find. Extremely moreish if a little too salty, although kinda makes ’em more moreish.

The fresh market greens perfectly steamed to keep their crunch. The citrus hit from the greens were the perfect way to cut through the saltiness of the potatoes & a great palette cleanser between the two varieties of balls (yep, still giggling. nope, not gunna stop).

The waitrons – told you I’d be using it constantly! – were quick to point us in the direction of further foodie goodness, but we had our eye on dessert & were reassured with a 10 minute turn around for mains, so weren’t too worried if we’d have to add something last minute.

After scoffing the plethora of goods that filled the table we were happily satisfied, but with a dessert shaped space we were keen to scan the pudding menu.

Brownie, fairy floss!!!

Yes. Amazing.

I ordered this purely for the fun factor.

The less childish among us (barely, in this instance he wasn’t giddy with the mention of fairies, so we’ll give it to him), ordered the cheesecake & we both had a coffee each!

The service is so snappy here and with barely a breath between finishing ordering the desserts had arrived.

I mean look.

Brownie where are you?

Oh… you’re hidden under the albino guinea pig – Soz, I wasn’t that witty, that was all Patrick!

Apart from the crazy look it tasted fantastic. The floss slightly thicker than the fare that graced our lips as children, but melts away just as quickly. The floss was perched atop gloriously creamy vanilla ice cream & hazelnut scattered brownies. I’m not sure if it quite stands up to my fave brownie yet, but it’s pretty darn close. & did I mention fairy floss?! Yep.

Still not over it!

The cheesecake came with a sugar work crown. I mean so pretty!

Sugar work ain’t easy. Crisp, perfectly shatters at the slightest of touch & still a bit of give, so you won’t splinter your mouth.

Oh & The berry compote… Oh My! Tart, rich & gives that perfect lift to the creamy cheesecake.

They had no coffee menu, so we expected simplest filter. We were pleasantly mistaken my friend… Pleasantly mistaken. Any coffee that haunts your dreams, they’ll conjure it for you & it’s good!

You know my only criticism? It’s yet again one of these gawd awful restaurants that doesn’t do dinner reservations unless you’re in a humongous group. Come on guys! You know I like to dream up my meal before I go, how am I meant to do that, if I don’t even know if I’ll get a seat? (but you probz will, so don’t worry too much)

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4 thoughts on “Balls & Co., Soho

  1. This place looks like my idea of food heaven! Brownie fairy floss! That has seriously got my name written all over it! I’d love to visit this place, it looks such a unique dining experience and besides that, lots of fun! Brilliant name too!

    Musings & More

    1. It is such a gem & so cosy! Definitely worth a visit!!!
      The fairy floss, although heavier than your standard candy floss melts away just bas easily to pure sugary goodness!!!


  2. hey great post! could you please tell me what time you got there? and how long you waited for a seat? (as no reservations! ah!)
    Also do you think it’s suitable for 5 people? – are we likely to get a table on a tuesday around 6pm?

    thank you.


    1. You should be fine mid week, we arrived around 6 and that was a Saturday, they still had a few tables when we went in and even if you have to wait there’s a snazzy underground bar, so not too muxhto worry about!
      And yes should easily accommodate 5 people!

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