We watched the new Bond film on Halloween, quite appropriate as the opening scene is set in the centre of Mexico’s dia de los muertos festival. Instant wanderlust, a deadly cool Bond & a fantastically unrealistic action scene hit you before the opening credits, which Bond obviously leaves unscathed and still in an impeccably kept suit!

I came out absolutely loving the film, whilst Patrick wasn’t won over by it & couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. We did however, agree that for the hefty 146 minute run time it seemed to whizz by like all the heart throbbingly stunning cars.

Having loved the film, I must admit I’m not won over by the song. Sam Smith, I love, however, this isn’t his greatest work, he could show off his voice a little more in places & it didn’t feel that ‘Bond’ to me. My brother later pointed out maybe I’m just comparing too much to the angelic melodies of Adele, which may be true. But, I just wanted a bit of a belter from Sam.

Although there seem to be fewer gadgets, the transport more than make up for them. One particular scene as Craig & Seydoux speed along the Thames in hot pursuit of the villain only brought up images of THAT Taylor Swift picture for me, you know the one! Oh dang flabbit, I’m so basic!

Anyway, as usual I digress; the whole film gives you all the wanderlust from wanting to get hepped up in the heat of Mexico, to plowing down the slopes of Switzerland, as James hops around the world with the aim of completing M’s assignment. Every location more beautifully captured than the last and they romanticise each & every scene.

Although it’s the film credited with two beautiful bond girls I feel like Monica Belluci plays rather a minor part in the film. She’s stunning, sexy, strong and James wraps his gentlemanly charm all too quickly around her. She appears for no longer than 10 minutes but then she doesn’t ever grace the screen again.

That’s one thing that got me, although most of Bonds women have sadly not made it for very long after meeting them, he does give the sense of caring for every single one. Another reason to love him, as though we need more.

The second bond girl in Lea Seydoux is harder character to crack. She certainly wants nothing to do with Bond on their initial encounter & it’s not until after a particularly thrilling action scene that she slips into a more traditional Bond girl role.

Many have labelled Spectre as tying up loose ends, I can certainly see why, it makes reference to all the other Bonds with Daniel Craig & trys to give you the slightest of insights into steely eyed man of mystery. However, the final scene does leave an opening to another film, it could also be the swan song of Craig as Bond. Although his moves could still out wit a fox, he looks aged in this film, maybe that’s why they hint towards his departure? Who knows? Well they couldn’t tie it up too neatly for us, could they?!
It is Bond after all, mystery is what he does best.

If you haven’t already take a peak at the trailer.


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