How to feel more awake in the Winter

In the words of John Snow “Winter is coming”

(Game of Thrones, no not the news anchor, or the chap who discovered Cholera)

& although we may not have whitewalkers hot on our tails – although last weeks fog would beg to differ – we can’t deny, the temperature is dropping!

With winter comes long dark drawn out evenings, mornings that may as well be night and that unrelinquishing longing to stay in the comforts of your own bed rather than, well any alternative.

Seriously, I could stay in there until at least 9am (Soz, I’m an early riser, but I’d happily skip the 6am darkness for a little 8am sunshine).

Early riser, or not. Getting up at this time of year is more difficult than when the sun is streaming in beckoning you to reality.

So how can we make winter mornings that little bit more bearable?

I’m glad you asked!

Last year, the king of gift giving himself, my brother (notorious in the family for proclaiming after each present “I bought it with my owwwn moooneyyy”, he was about 10, it was adorable) bought me the nifty gadget of a lumie alarm clock.

It essentially gives you a sunrise in your room to gently wake you before reaching full brightness and ringing an alarm. This helps to adjust your circadian rhythm that is fine tuned to light as well as other stimuli, remember when I said how the imbalance can cause jetlag? Go figure it makes us sleepy zombies come winter too.

Vitamin D plays several vital functions, but also plays a role in fatigue. We source it from the sun, well that’s not strictly true, but the sun causes it to become active anyway, I’m off on a tangent again! The point is try to get outside during the day light, it will make you less sleepy and boost vitamin D levels.

If you’re feeling particularly virtuous go for a run, this will boost serotonin not only the ‘happy hormone’ but stabalises that cheeky circadian rhythm, leaving you more alert on endorphins straight after too! – Yep, exercise is good for you, who knew?!

The one I struggle most with, is completely switching off & relaxing. Pour yourself a bath, forget about technology, work & all the worries of the world; melt into a steaming beautiful bubbley soak; read a book; just escape from reality a little. Stress has a large impact on our hormone balance so can really effect I s when it comes to sleep, tiredness and the like.

Like Alice in Wonderland “I give really good advice, but I very seldom follow it”, which I ought to change & I may well just do that with a nice relaxing bath!


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