Science of Skin | A Beauty Must Have

This will be a bit of an over share. If you don’t like the talk of spots and the like. Turn away now.

But I just have to tell you all about science of skins solution for scars.  As soon as I ripped open the packaging I slathered it on my face with a few open spots & those horrid ones that I turn into scabs, yes I know I should leave it, but I can’t resist and you can just feel that under skin bump. Well after a night of science of skin those bumps? Flat.
I mean, I was astonished.

Science of skin, skin care, healing, repair, cream, beauty

Overnight, seriously?! No joke, a huge reduction & after two nights virtually flat! no inflammation, not sore & healing up nicely.

I like to go into these things with low expectations so I don’t get my hopes up. But this is actually amazing! I’m already stocking up on this & recommending it to everyone I know to save their skin!

You massage what feels like a luxurious night cream into the effected area for at least 1 minute – bliss -, your skin drinks it up and there’s no shiny residue left over. It left my skin super smooth and not oily at all, I have combination skin so no oil over my t-zone is pretty impressive.

It’s like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream as it was originally developed for a slightly different use in mind. In this case for cuts & scars. It’s all natural and repairs your skin at an astonishing rate!

Definitely the best all round product I’ve used. I think it will be taking up a permanent place in my make-up bag as a spot treatment, night cream and for general bumps & grazes when needed (& for those of you with littles, I’ve read it’s gentle enough for all ages and fine to use on open cuts & grazed!)

*This product was sent to me as a gift to review, however all views are my own.
If I didn’t like it, I’d leave it!


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