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Bargainous Lunches in London

I love London, the diversity, the food, the buzziness; EVERYTHING!!! – what I don’t love so much is the prices that accompany anything & everything. No exception to this rule are the lunches available to enjoy on the go.

Working in London I normally bring in a packed lunch, I have control over what goes in, how much it will cost & I know I’ll make it taste good. However, I don’t always have space in my bag and I love exploring London & the food alongside at lunch.

Yes, there are a few places in London where you can eat out for a fiver that are delicious & a fiver is good for London, but is it a good price for a takeaway lunch?

So I set myself a lil challenge to buy a hearty lunch, that won’t leave me hankering for double the portion within 5 minutes of consuming it & it all has to come in at under £3.

If you’re expecting gourmet food you’ve come to the wrong place sister, we’re looking for value for money, it’ll be good, but don’t go expecting gastronomy.

Anywho, on with the mission to find a filling lunch that doesn’t cost the earth.

First stop on my quest…


Itsu is home to delicious Japanese foods, freshly prepared & full of vitamins – read lots of veggies! The  meal that will keep you satisfied, warm, full of goodness, all for under £3 is the detox soup at £2.99. It contains two plump vegetable dumplings, heaps of rice noodles and a citrusy flavoured broth!

Definitely one of my favourite of the week & kept me full til dinner!

Lexpress Coffee

In a hidden nook of Mayfair just off Berkeley square is Lexpress coffee. It’s brimming with lots of hearty grub; jacket potatoes, lasagne, diy salads and plenty more. However, again only one meal that met the mission. A jacket potato with butter. Luckily I love butter melted into a fluffy potato and gobbled it down quite happily.

Even though I wasn’t hungry afterwards, my tastebuds were left with a lot to be desired without any toppings.

But, at £2.50 I’m winning on the mission front.

Mayfair sandwich shop

You remember this little hole in the wall? I know, it’s a sandwich, get one from a supermarket, but they’re often under filled and you need at least a packet of crisps alongside to keep you satisfied. But not here my friends, oh no! They serve fantastic freshly made stonking great sandwiches, delicious, filling your bellies & plenty of filling options that are at or below the price limit – angels rejoice!!!

Pita pit

Down the diagon alley like walkway and you’ll find this hidden gem, just round the corner from one of London’s biggest tourist attractions – Buckingham Palace. Amazing healthy wraps, packed as full as they can stuff them & an eco-friendly business mentality which is made rather obvious by the plants growing along one wall. Definitely a great lunch option, which you can read more about here! The veggie petita option is a reasonable £2.50, whilst you’ll have to stretch to £3.50 for the other fillings.

All-in-all London is ridonkulously expensive, we all knew that and you certainly didn’t need me to say it! But what I can say is that you can have a fun lunch & save your pennies without lugging in a packed lunch or buying an overpriced flaccid supermarket sarnie!

*Soz this is only Mayfair area, but if you have any places to add on let me know! I’d love to spread my wings a little, or at least my oyster card anyway.


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