S’more brownies

Baking is my perfect wind down. So when I’ve got limited amount of time, am on edge or just want to get sweet treats quickly I have been known to reach for the ready mix.


9a7d400b316aa3b00535e7dd458846e3When Delicious Alchemy got in touch and  gave me free reign of their whole range I asked for the brownie & oaty cookie mixes with a pretty exciting plan in mind…


But what’s different from any other ready mix? Well  it’s made for those with allergies and intolerances & although I don’t suffer from either in terms of food however, I do like to accommodate everyone when baking. Plus good gluten free baking is pretty tricky! So something to make that easier is a mega win  in my book.

By now you may have guessed what it is? A layer of oaty melt-in-your-mouth cookies, sprinkled with springy marshmallows and gooey chocolate brownie!

It’s the bakers version of the American legend that is s’mores!

What you’ll need to serve 8 hungry tummies:

How to do it:

Oat cookies:

1 bag delicious alchemy oaty cookie mix

2 eggs

100g melted butter

Marshmallows (enough to cover a 20cmx20cm tin)


1 bag delicious alchemy brownie mix

75g melted butter

30ml water

Mix all the ingredients for the oat cookies.

Line a 20x20cm tin with grease proof paper and squidge the oaty cookie mix til even. Seriously, this smelt heavenly like maple syrup!2c2efd0515d63b1d59a789e6d16f33162

Layer over the marshmallows as thick or as think as you like. It’ll stick the brownie perfectly to the oaty cookies.


Now mix together all the ingredients for the brownies. Spoon and smooth atop the marshmallows.


Pop in the oven for 40 minutes – it takes longer than either mix on their own.

If you can resist leave it to cool for 15 minutes before cutting so it doesn’t crumble (but if you don’t mind about appearances get stuck in right away!)

It’s that simple! For more gluten free recipe inspo, why not take a peak here?!

*Delicious Alchemy gifted me these products, but all opinions and in this case recipe is my own!


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