November | Reason to be Grateful

So this is a little late – only my second Reasons to be grateful, getting into the swing of things & the like. The Christmas elf in me went into overdrive, so any spare moment was taken up by buying, creating and finding Christmas presents.
They’re all done now, so you’ve got my undivided attention, so let’s get going on what I am grateful for in the B-E-A-U-tiful month of Novemebr!

First things first, the most beautiful autumnal walk to start off November with Patrick & his parents, Aurora & Wilma at the aquadrome. Aurora even was an angel off the lead – certainly something to be thankful for!

Remember, remember the fifth of November, not only is it a few of my nearest and dearest birthday, but also FIREWORKS!!! Okay, okay I really shouldn’t love them so much and don’t get me wrong I used to snuggle up with Wilma draw all the curtains and watch tele when she was small, but in her old age she’s gone a little deaf, more brave she’s taken to completely ignoring them and damn it fireworks are twinkly! So going to midsummer common fireworks again this year was pretty dreamy – They’re better every year a fantastic 20 minute display all for free but definitely worth a donation to keep them going!!!

Dinners I feel will be a strong theme in this month. Even home dinners, comfort food for the win! One meal in particular was the simplest of things, but my gosh does cheese improve a day by 110%. Again a few lovely catch ups, very handy when all my friends seem to have a penchant for travelling (I know, I’m no exception), so great to catch one as they’ve got back and just before another flew off. & of course I can’t forget a lovely anniversary meal with the bestest Patrick.

Meeting the most loveliest, sweetest and fun loving French Bulldog ever. I am a dog lover, I make no secret of this fact. However, I have never really been drawn to Frenchies, I think their cute and would never turn down a dog cuddle, but wouldn’t of thought they’d be my kind of dog.
I can honestly say I was wrong. So wrong. After meeting Annie I was in love, she would chase my hand about the floor, cuddle me, have a cheeky pazzaz to her, I was absolutley smitten.

Starting Christmas shopping – I love it, I love hand picking gifts, thinking what each person might like & scouring the internet for Juletide inspiration! Especially when Black Friday/Cyber Monday gives me a lil helping hand.

I think she liked her pressie! ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Having an Office Birthday Party for the one & only Wilma ๐Ÿ’– #14

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Wilma turning the ripe old age of 14, we celebrated with (humans) cake and (doggy) biscuits through a little office party. Wilma has been with me for over half my life and is my bestest little buddy. Yes, I am aware how sad that sounds to those whom haven’t owned a dog, or any other close companion animal. But there is something quite special about having a close pet. They’re your best friend, they always listen, they play with you, give you that little nudge when you look upset and know exactly how to make you smile. Everyone says some pets touch your heart that little bit more. Well Wilma certainly has for me & I’m immensely grateful to have had her with me for so many years.

Spending 2 days in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen with my dearest and getting to know a very special someone to one of them – it was the perfect mini break and we managed to fit so much in! – I’ll share a few snaps and what we did soon, pinky promise (go on! Click the link, think of it as my little catchy Christmas gift to you, your welcome).

Getting back into knitting – & only yesterday finding out I was one of the lucky winners – All the smiles!!! As you may or may not know my artistic skills are somewhat below par. So I love finding you ways to channel my creativity. Last year a did a little cross stitching, which was fun, but not as practical as knitting. Next stop bobble hat central and nailing the cable knit for a gargantuan knitted blanket me thinks!

The thankfullest day of the year – yes, I know it’s not a word. No, I do not care – Thanksgiving! I was kindly invited to thanksgiving dinner where we had the most glorious meal – sweet yams are the best thing to grace this earth! I must learn to make these! Also it was so beautiful to take part in someone else’s traditions, give thanks together and enjoy new foods – can you tell I liked the food?

My kinda winter wonderland ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ… @laurajull

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Laura and I embarked upon winter wonderland. We made a beeline straight for Mr. Foggs pop-up bar – their Mayfair residence being a favourite of mine and Laura never having been this was inevitable. We people watched and discussed Christmas ideas which was so lovely to be just us too. After a little wander we found the angel market – alot smaller, fewer repeats, in our eyes, much improved on previous years. All finished off with sweet treats of crepes and profitjes (any help pronouncing that last one would be greatly appreciated).

I’m really liking rounding off the month being grateful, it makes for a pretty sweet start to the next month as my smile becomes wider than that of the Cheshire cat – hello December, Christmas come at me, you beautiful thing you!


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