Winter wanderlust wardrobe

When travelling I always want to strike the balance between snug and stylish – I know I’m no fashionista, but a girl can dream!

After reading this article on Gwenyth Paltrows website goop, I’ve been a keen snazzy yet comfortable dresser on flights, trying to get that much sought after updgrade, with no avail – YET! – Here’s hoping that maybe just maybe a Birthday trip will sway ’em ey?!

But in all honesty if you’re dressed a little nicer than trackie bums and a hoodie you feel a bit better getting off the plane. This being said I do not want to give up that all important comfort.

So when Betabrand got in touch about their beautifully super soft, super chic travel wear I couldn’t help but share.

I’d never heard about them before this & now I’m filling up a wish list full of their Red-eye wrap,  Paw-Print Boyfriend shirt (I mean did they make this with mein mind?!), yoga leggings perfect for higher altitude pressure and handy secret pockets for your card at hand when duty free comes round. I may even sneak a peak at their other bottoms.


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