Top 9 reasons to love being a December baby

We’ve all seen the lists detailing why it’s no fun having a December birthday, how christmas cheer down plays our day. But I for one love having a December birthday so here are my reasons, maybe they’ll change your mind too?

1. There are but two times of year that London becomes jolly, jovial and downright happy. That’s the festive period and when the peculiar spherical yellowy orange orb appears that legends call the sun. So lap up the cheer, think how glorious it is to have a birthday when people are happy and smile at strangers if anything it may well get you a highly sought after seat on the tube.

2. Christmas lights Everywhere!!!! Twinkling above you, lighting your way home and come on, they even look spectacular in the rain. So what if they’re for Christmas and not your birthday, they make me smile and I can’t be the only one?!

3. On that note Christmas decorations do all the hard work for you. Everywhere looks stunning! Party decorations? Not needed, the halls are already decked.

4. Deals, deals as far as the eye can see. Want to go out for your birthday? There will probably be a whopping great deal on dinner and drinks! Want dinner in? There will certainly be deals on that! Want a day out? You’ve guessed it, retailers are dying for your custom come December, so we might as well oblige – woohoo!

5. If you’re a negative nelly, lets set the scene. It’s cold, dreary and dark time of year, so what better time to be born – I don’t need to celebrate in the summer people will have bbqs, and festivities anyway then, its winter when I need a bit of a pick me up – winter birthday to the rescue!

6. Double presents!!! & if the pressie is joint onto Christmas it’s normally a jolly good’un.

7. The whole of December is one big party! Of course Christmas dos; family get togethers; New years & then throw birthday into the mix and you’ve got a swinging December. Best invest in some comfy dancing shoes – yep, definitely think new shoes could be a point on its own

8. All the delicious holiday fare. Mince pies galore, mulled wine available by the tankard & the fantabulous ranges of Christmas sandwiches come out to play. & you know why you can gorge on it all & not feel an ounce of guilt, ’cause it’s you’re birthday and you can to do whatever you like!

9. & when birthday blues hit you’ll have something to look forward whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas, New year. If not to celebrate you can grab some bubbles, some delicious food & forget your age, because who cares ’tis the season to be jolly & all that.

So how’d you feel about December birthdays now? Got any additions?

Images via wigglegif.com,  giphy.com, sluniverse.com, tumblr.com, pinterest.com, gifsoup.com


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