The future of snacking – Crobar

My final week of work before Christmas was jam packed with fun & birthday celebrations (yay birthday week). One such plan was to go to the blogger hangout Christmas food fare, however after stomping up & down commercial road, severely bruising my pride – I’m a bit of a direction whizz kid, usually – we gave up on finding it and made our way home.

One brand I was particularly interested in & disappointed that I couldn’t get to meet was gathr foods with their crobars.

Crobars are a healthy dairy and gluten free snack bar.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just another healthy snack bar with a snappy name.

You’d be ever so wrong.

They’re made with cricket flour, stick with me for a minute!

Yep, you read that right. Crickets are roasted, ground down to a fine powder and used as the base for these protein packed bars.

I was rather excited at seeing them as I was kind of bummed at not getting to try any insects on either of my times in Asia.

So when they kindly sent me a sample, I had to hop at the chance – geddit?!

After eating half the first one I was rather full. They aren’t big, but being dense and high in protein means they satisfy you quickly, so a great way of satisfying any grazing cravings, bridge the gap between meals (only 182 Cal) and a great pre/post workout boost!

Their a delicious mix of nuts, fruit & cricket flour, 100% natural ingredients, good for you, soft, chewy and ever so filling!

The peanut flavoured is sweeter than I first expected. This is due to the dates and sultanas.

The cacao was my favourite! Although not overly chocolatey – which I personally found quite a good thing -tasted of delicious dark fruits, dates, cranberries and a nice bite with the chopped nuts.

I know the concept of eating insects is considered a bit weird in western countries. I would have initially agreed with you. But after reading the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization report saying that eating insects can help improve nutrition, reduce pollution and that over 2 billion people across the world eat insects as part of their diet. Insects are not only shown to be a good source of protein, but also a lot more sustainable than producing meat & produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional livestock, use less space and one way in which to reduce food waste. Which I am sure you will agree with the worlds population ever on the increase we need to become more and more aware of food sources and how to be able to sustain ourselves.

So hop to it guys!

*I was sent crobars as a free sample from gathr foods,
however all th0ughts are my own!


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