Gordon Rhodes review

Comfort food come at me! Jultide may well be over but I intend to stay in my stretchiest leggings and stock up on all the delicious leftovers about the house!

Pulled pork + stuffing :

When Gordom Rhodes sent me over their chestnut stuffing and their pulled pork BBQ sauce mix I couldn’t wait to try it.

Gordon Rhodes, himself was an intrepid traveller collecting souvenirs in the form of flavours as he went. Once back home in Yorkshire he got to work on recreating the flavours he’d tried in quick and easy forms to use at home. Enter his current range of Jolly Fine Foods.

On a particularly windy cold evening there ain’t nothing better than tucking into all da food!

Taking heed from gorgeous pulled pork sandwhiches of your, crammed full and topped with stuffing drizzled with apple sauce; I removed the bread put it on a plate and look at the result.

A delicious crispy topped and rich stuffing alongside a juicy, slowed cooked pulled pork topped with a bit of a firey kick.


Okay, so we added a little bit of colour, I suppose a few veggies are good too.

*Gordon Rhodes sent me these to try as a gift
But, as always all thoughts are my own!


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