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Recipe | C-eize the day smoothie

As I’ve told you before, my brother is rather clever with his gift giving! Yet again, he’s nailed it! This year with a breville blend active – it’s fantastic!

My top tip, make sure you’ve got enough liquid in there and it is bound to slice through what ever ingredients you fancy! But this post isn’t just about how thoughtful my brother is (You’re a babe if you’re reading this btw & sorry if I don’t tell you enough!).

What I’d like to share with you is a few handy lil’ smoothies that have been those sort of eureka moments when you’re hoping for the best  but expecting the worst.

First I’ll share my safe option.

Packed full of vitamin C, leaves you energized and ready to take on your net challenge! – get the name now?

What you’ll need for a large portion/600ml container:

1 blender – I used the Breville Blend Active

4 medium sized carrots – chopped

300ml orange juice

100ml water

1 tablespoon of finely chopped/grated ginger

Pop the ingredients into your blender, blend until smooth.

Hey presto, it’s that simple.

I had it in my bag as an addition to my lunch but ended up sipping on it first and found myself too full to finish all my lunch, but still woth plenty of energy in the afternoon, which with these long winter evenings is fabulous!

Stay tuned for my more elaborate smoothie recipe!


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