December | Reasons to be grateful

Firstly, sozzle this has come to you so late!

Now on with December! December although confusing in terms of weather & extremely difficult to awaken when it’s pitch black outside, it’s a pretty darn jolly month – & here are my reasons for smilin’ the whole month long!

Christmas shopping done by 3rd December #Nailedit

Christmas decorations! Because Houses decked in lights, those little juletide momentos & strings of hand written cards are just dreamy & there ain’t anybody or anything that’s going to change my mind about that!

One thing I am ever so grateful for is the speedy response of the AA! At the beginning of December on the way to that Corgi party, my tyre went flat on the driver side, beautifully timed right on the motor way, whereby I had to stand in a tree to get as far back as possible from cars speeding past. As it began to drizzle I kept myself busy by singing to myself and dancing to keep warm. At the time I felt extremely sorry for myself, but I quickly saw the funny side of things and how ridiculous I must have looked to those passing.

Office Birthday!!! I love being a Decemeber baby (here are a few reasons for you to too) & we celebrated with a picnic, cake and pressies! I got Lush bath bombs and a bubble bar! Yep, I absolutley love Lush. Yes, it’s an extreme blogging cliche. & No, of course I don’t care – I  SMELL LIKE A FRICKIN’ PRINCESS!!!

& of course actual birthday! I don’t care how old I am I am never too old to not want to be woken up with Happy Birthday/Ja ma hon leva & a healthy portion of Princess tarta, that’s a fact. All those in my life & intending on staying there please take note – hehe. Mum say’s we aren’t bossy, we have skills, leadership skills!

The joyous occasion that is Christmas & lucky ol’ us got ruddy two of them didn’t we! A classic Kalle anka, Smorgasbord & julklappor in Sweden followed by pressies, roast dinner & hilarious board/card games in Blighty! So yeah Christmas gets two thumbs up this year!

Although no snow – sad, very sad – Stockholm looked pretty as ever a nice chill in the air to nip at your cheeks but nothing to make you reach for the thermals. If you go to Stockholm & you like a view you HAVE to go to himlen, a beautiful panoramic restaurant where you can see miles & miles all 360 degrees about yourself of stunning Stockholm. The food is good, not amazing, but it’s the view your going for here, so let’s not get too picky! & you know what, snow or no snow we got to spend lots of time with the ones we love catching up with bubble & mulled wine induced giggling & a divine gingerbread crumbed cheese – FYI, blue cheese and gingerbread are a meal fit for the gods!

Well that’s probably a gazillion reasons to be grateful right there! – but wait, there’s more!

So many blissful chilled days where the world seems to spin that little slower and you can pad about the house!

Some sunrises are worth getting up for, even on weekends! 🙏🌅

A post shared by Bonnie (travel+food+london) (@bonnie_wonders) on

Gorgeous sunsets/sunrises, I mean it would be nice if I could wake up to some light, but hey-ho, they have been quite miraculous & you know what, let’s look on the bright side. I’m going to take advantage of enjoying these late sunrises while they last!

All in all December you were a babe, see you next year!


2 thoughts on “December | Reasons to be grateful

  1. That’s such a spectacular sunrise to have seen Bonnie! Loads of reasons here to love December and be grateful 🙂

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