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Quaglino’s, London

The door swings open & the door man ushers you in from the cold making your way down into the mood lit reception area images of Colleano’s bar from Mr Selfridge spring to mind. There’s a real old world glamour about the place.

Gatsby could walk through the door and he wouldn’t look out of place at all.

Being a buzzy Saturday night the upper bar was packed with only a few seats and no tables so we plumped for the bar right in the centre of the dining room, watching as the barmen worked their magic to procure cocktails of all shapes & sizes.

A Mayfair Lady for me feeling only apt in the setting & an RAF for Patrick. We drunk in the surrounding as the waitrons busied themselves about the floor in immaculate dress.

Now, I can’t go lying to you, this isn’t a normal dining experience for us, as you may know from my usual foodie posts. This was for our anniversary so decided to go a bit snazzier & it truly does feel special as soon as you walk through the door.

However, as the menus can get quite pricey at places like these I highly recommend the set menu. At £30 each for three courses and a glass of bubbles you can’t really complain. Certainly not with the craftsmanship of each dish & the beautiful art deco setting, after all sometimes you just gotta treat yourself (&significant others)!

After a meer few seconds with the menu we had made up our minds.

Both going for steak tartare to start with 60 degree eggs and wafer thin crisp bread to give that much needed crunch. Perfectly executed and the most gorgeously smooth egg yolk piped about the plate, almost a mousse consistency.

Normally I find dissembling and reassembling classic dishes rather annoying and not actually doing the dish any justice. Not this time though. Normally a steak tartare can look, well, unappetising. This however, looked beautiful & those eggs! They are what every egg lover dreams of. If I could bottle it and smother my toast in it every morning I don’t think I’d ever be unsatisfied!

Next we drifted apart as he choose the chicken, with a side of creamiest dauphinoise potatoes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Whilst I was keeping on the theme of pure luxury and had the truffle risotto. Slightly scared that it would be overpowering I was pleasantly surprised with plenty of truffle slithers strewn across the plate, but a beautifully subtle flavour. – for a quick lunchtime truffle fix, for a much more pocket friendly price I recommend these*, delicious!

*sold at not just any food store, if you catch my drift…

The risotto was perfectly cooked with a little bite but completely engulfed in a rich creamy sauce with earthy truffle undertones. A sheer delight!

Desserts we both veered to the lighter side of things.

Patrick going straight in on the classic creme brulee! It came with its caramelised sugar hat and the creamiest of centres, perfection.

& I chose the coconut panacotta, a little selfishly as I know the mister isn’t that keen on coconut. But the pineapple and mango was delicious. A tropical summer in your mouth, very pleasantly received when it’s wet and cold outside.

A beautiful setting, making you feel luxurious and a hint of the 20’s cabaret, good service and phenomenal food, which gets you all warm and rosy ready to brave the winter chill once more.

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