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Icebar, London rocks!

Monday’s are infinitely improved when LDN meetup invite you down for some social media chats and a visit to the legendary Ice bar.

You may remember last year I visited as part of my birthweek celebrations – that’s right, I wholeheartedly support the birthweek concept!

The night started filtering in to the warm bar down stairs with the most stunning chandelier, that I now must own! We started with a cocktail and a ice breaker challenge. It was a great way to start when you know absolutely no one in the room at that time!

The cocktail in question is their signature, suicide blonde, a mix of prosecco, vodka & elderflower cordial a nod to the scandi roots. & yes when I make my next batch of elderflower cordial, this will definitely be on the menu!

Quickly followed by a plethora of canapes. Some so so, but the mini hot caprese sald/pizzas with a crisp puff pastry were a real winner.

I also LOVED the crayfish jellies. Lots of crayfish, lots of dill, only a little jelly. Just the way I like it! Not too sure of the cream ontop but the crayfish was perfectly cooked and really flavourful!

Once we were all settled in Tom the Head of Sales & Marketing, introduced us to the Icebar, but didn’t want to give too much away before we got to explore upstairs, he was bouncing round the room the excitement for this project. You can clearly see his love of the icebar & exuberance for promoting it through all streams, journalists, bloggers and other medias alike. It’s obvious, but he got a very warm reception.

We mingled round the beautiful bare brick cave like rooms til it was our turn to don capes and brave -5 cold, which initially I thought would be nothing as in Sweden it can get to -20 to -30 in the depths of winter. But after we weren’t shooed out as the next round were let in Karisse, Ivy and I stayed in there for over an hour, after which we realised why they do 45 minute slots normally.

Don’t worry the purple lips aren’t due to the chill, it’s just lippy. I know, I know, dark lips? In winter? Groundbreaking!

Again delicious cocktails are on offer here (& one is included in your entry fee).

The ice bar is completely remade every year. Giving them an opportunity to launch a new theme each year. The ice is hacked out of Torne River in Sweden, shipped to London and carved by the same artists that create the ice hotel!

This years theme is London rocks & the detail is absolutely phenomenal, studs, rock n’ roll quotes and a ice band kit perfect for a few fun photos. The one that truly amazed me was the portrait of a lady is etched into the ice with two arms of tattoos making reference to pop culture. Spot David Bowie, Blondie and Jimmy Hendrix amongst the greats.

But the Throne just called out to me!

We were encouraged to touch the ice as we went in to see what it actually feels like. It’s like a cold marble buffed for a super smooth finish!

As I said in my previous post it’s a lot smaller than I first imagined, but the sculptures are truly amazing. BTW, the people in the know said it’s worth booking on a weekday to be less crowded and be able to properly examine the intricate design!

Have you been to the IceBar? What did you think?

*Although I was invited to visit Icebar free of charge all thoughts are, as always completely honest and my own.

p.s. that stunning cocktail & crayfish shot was taken by the lovely people at RDA images


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