As you may or may not have noticed I got a Breville blend active for Christmas and have well and truly jumped on that smoothie train!

Lazy Sunday after a fun filled Saturday โœจโ˜•๐Ÿต

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But sometimes, even with the ease of the blend active, I either don’t want to make a smoothie myself, don’t have all the ingredients I want or just simply have no clue what I want to put together.

Step in Frill.

A delicious frozen smoothie.

It can be enjoyed as an alternative to ice-cream or blended up with milk, juice or a yoghurt of your choice to make a delicious smoothie.

They currently have three flavours, intense chocolate, refreshing green & bursting berries.

Intrigued by the vibrant green smoothie & whether it would actually be a good substitute for ice-cream, I popped it in the cart rather excited to try it for myself.

& now I’m as surprised as you are but it’s just as creamy as icecream, super sweet, packed full of goodness, half the sugar and 10x more fibre than regular icecream – hello there healthy digestive system!

If you’re anything like me you’ll love Jamie Oliver & I am loving his campaigns to help improve health, so that 50% less sugar is a leap in the right direction without scrimping on taste!

If you’re feeling a little lazy, it’s a Sunday and hey, you’re a grown up – eughhh – you can do what you want – yayyy! You could leave frill do defrost just a little pop it in a bottle shake with your mixer of choice (milk, juice or yoghurt) et voila!

A delicious smoothie with minimal cleaning or pour straight into a bowl top with chai seeds, goji berries and hemp seeds for a variety of texture, alongside a good mag & some strong coffee – perfect Sunday!

All in all I’d give frill a 10/10 great alternative to ice cream to have in the freezer when you want something a little sweet, let’s face it I say I’m going to make a delicious creamy ice cream alternative but so often life gets in the way! Also as an easy way of incorporating a few more fruit and veg through a smoothie!

Plus how adorable is that little bear, super cute to open the freezer to!

*Even though Frill sent me a voucher for a free tub all thoughts are scrumotiously my own!


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