January | Reasons to be grateful

January started by continuing this oddly warm winter we’ve been experiencing, but then… SNOW!!!

I absolutely love snow! I think if I were a pokemon, snow would be my element! I have fiercly and rather ironically warmed to Frozen, Elsa is my spirit animal with a hint of Christoff, because singing/talking to animals & I always wished I would meet the troll people out in the woods that my Grandparents & Mum told me thousands of stories about. So yes, I frolicked in snow & yes, I potentially sang ‘Let it go’ a few times under my breath and belting it out alternately!

The most glowiest sunset that I have ever seen!!! It was stunning!

January is the month of Birthdays between mine & my boyfriends families, so that means lots of time to see the nearest & dearest – especially fun when you’re involved in surprises! I LOVEEEE surprises, organising them, having them, anything to do with them! So Yay Birthday surprises!

A post Chrimbo catch up with the girls other French food, feeling rather adventurous we plumped for the escargot and a plethora of other petit plats to mix n’ match between the two of us and H went for a rather delicious looking duck and N had steak! I know, we did feel rather frivolous, but then again we did have a 50% voucher so pud would have been rude not to right?!

I heard good things of Trainwreck & they are all true. It’s utterly hilarious! We all sat down to a family movie night and much to our amusement/embarrassment we awkwardly giggled through a sex scene in the first 10 minutes & several there after. Amy Schumer is a fantastic lead and her blunt humour, paired with the highschool girl like friendship of Bill Hader & LeBron James makes for a dynamite combination. A must-see in my book!

LDN meetup organised a social media chat and night to see the new theme at the Ice bar, where I met lots of new faces and got to put a real face to a few blogs! It was such a fun night and such a beautiful theme this year!

Winter has been the season of the faux bob for me. Seeing as I love turtle necks and quickly get board in one hairstyle I did the wimpy-kids solution. I’m not gunna lie to ya, I love the faux bob!

Crisp days in Londres.

Got sorted into a house & a wand chose me via – I got Hufflepuff, which I was completely okay with. Actually, I was more than okay with it. It made me super happy & warm inside. As the sorting hat says “You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil” & It’s even J.K Rowlings fave house so ya know, smug face!

Something that stunned us all was the number of legends we lost in January. I love the way that Simon Pegg put it though & in that way I am so grateful to have lived in a time with David Bowie & Alan Rickman as well as so many other greats!

My girl Chloe got us to do a crazy HIIT session with us, & Ouch, Abs Ouch. So much Ouch. But then delicious brunch. So not all bad. Plus it gave me that boost I needed I’ve done a few not such intense sessions at home and getting back on running – woop woop.

There’s a pop up that you need in your life! It’s House of Crab, delicious freshly caught crab from Salcombe delivered daily & it’s phenom. Just so so good. I can’t wait to share all about it on here very, very soon!

January what a stunner, February I’m seeing adventures & fun aplenty!



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