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House of Crab, London

Thursday lunch time we arrived at House of Crab and they were packed out.

The only seats left were right by the window, which were perfect for avid people watchers (& someone who’s persuing a good food pic).

We were given menus immediately aimed on sharing the … Thinking we didn’t get a choice in crab roll we quickly went with our guts as the friendly chap who runs it took our orders. I went for ‘The Crabfather’ because, hilarious name & burratta is my foodie weakness of late. Rosie chose the El Jimaclaw.

Indecisiveness seems to be a trait we share, so when faced with drink choices but no menu we didn’t know what to do. We gave a vague description of juice with the words green & orange being flung about. The lovely guy at the bar said no problem, strung off a list of ingredients he was planning on mixing for our fresh juices and asked if there was anything we didn’t like before going behind the bar to make them.

As I’m sure you can tell by now the customer service is impeccable. Nothing is too much and they’ll gladly make any changes to suit you!

We waited a short while before he came back with our juices and the chap who took our orders had a friendly chat about house of crab. Informing us that it’s original lease has been extended until June! I think angels may well have sung at that moment!

A little wait longer and our food arrived, but we were kept well informed, so I don’t really mind a wait as long as I’m not ignored. When our feast came towards the table our eyes glistened the with excitement. Not knowing where to start we picked up both fork and spoon to dig into the bisque & mac n’ cheese.

The crab bisque is more of a chowder. But every so delicious and everything has been slow cooked to just melt away in your mouth. A dash of saffron, which our chap informed us was his addition into the mix, makes for a gorgeously orange colour and a depth of flavour.

The mac n’ cheese stole the show for me. I am a cheese lover. So mac n’ cheese is kind of a favourite of mine and when you sub some cheese for succulent crab meat, all I’m saying is it better be good. & in the words of Johnny Bravo ooooh Momma! It was good.

Seafood with mac n’ cheese seem to be a weird but wonderful match.

Everything we tried was like being hit by a wave of flavour. I like slaw. But you know, it’s slaw. Here it’s so much more! Fennel and sanphire with a creamy sauce makes for a coleslaw like no other. Salty & fresh like the ocean. A perfect accompaniment to seafood.

Due to a wait and a limited lunch hour we asked for the crab rolls to be wrapped to go which was no problem at all. Looking at them I didn’t think they were that big, but let’s just say they aren’t the dantiest to eat. The buns are freshly baked on the premises, but aren’t too sweet which is good as crab meat is already sweet enough. The juices and flavour all soak in the to the bun meaning thus bun and filling blend in a delicious matrimony! The burratta in the Crabfather was great, although I would have liked more. But then again, I could never have enough burratta! The fresh herbs on top were a fresh taste and the chopped chillies scattered across the sides brought a light kick of spice.

& knock me down with a feather they even take reservations?! If I hadn’t been myself, I’d say it’s too good to be true. House of Crab, it was a pleasure & I’ll be visiting you again soon!

You can find House of Crab at 81, Grosvenor street, Mayfair W1K 3JY, but this may change, so keep upto date with their location & menu here.


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