How to keep your hair looking strong and silky

In winter moisturizers become our saviour from dry skin, chapped lips and sore noses. However, something I often overlook is the effect on my hair.

Let’s face it you hair will see most of the elements of your aim in life is to have mermaid hair (I do, if you hadn’t guessed).

So when Envy offered me the chance to try their professional range, in particular the dual 12, I couldn’t wait to give my hair a treat.


Firstly I was amazed at how quickly they delivered it. I made my order on Monday and Wednesday morning the parcel had arrived with a text to say the estimated delivery time and everything. Thumbs up for customer service guys!

When I came to using the dual 12 I went for the deep treatment rather than daily, which is said to have longer effects. The difference is just in the way you apply the Dual 12. I lathered it into my hair and rough dried with a hairdryer to allow heat activation. Then shampoo and condition with those provided as you would normally.


The Envy shampoo is quite watery, but don’t let this put you off as it’s surprisingly effective a really thick lather came from a miniscule amount.


The conditioner is thick and creamy and feels gloriously indulgent in your hair. Envy recommend to put it in from root to tip, often shying away from conditioner in my roots I followed instructions reluctantly. The result? Amazing bounce and sheen once I’d blow dried it. I thought with such a thick conditioner it may make my hair flat and I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case.

After a rough blow dry, my hair was silky smooth & looked like I’d stepped out from just getting it blow dried properly. This was fantastic as I’m the girl who tangles the roll brush up in her hair, finally manages to free it then gives up on blow drying completely & slinks back to my trusted tangle teaser. But when using the envy pro range I don’t need to deal with the mayhem of the roller brush. You know what else? It leaves your hair smelling citrusy fresh like guava. Whilst blow drying my hair my mum came into ask me what lovely perfume I sprayed and I joyfully told her to smell my hair – because that’s really normal Bonnie, great life skills *slow claps* – the point is, it makes your hair smelling pretty & that’s always good!


I thought I’d try each product on their own to see what produced each effect – can you tell I’m a science nerd?! – & the dual 12 on its own gave that lovely sheen without the residue serums leave behind. However, my real winner is the conditioner from using it as a normal conditioner it felt like my hair had a treatment done, funnily enough it felt in fantastic condition. Funny how a conditioner can do that, huh? I know that sounds utterly ridiculous, but it felt nourishing and my hair felt super healthy, without being weighed down which often happens with thick conditioning treatments. Although the shampoo was good, it didn’t give me as much wow factor as the other two products, but then again how can it? It gives an absolutely amazing amount of lather and makes your hair feel squeaky clean. So I’m not too sure what else I could have asked of it.


These products are perfect for people like me who prefer the easiest maintenance possible, brushing my hair when needed and not more often if I could help it.

If you’d like to try it, Envy have allowed me to give you a cheeky 40% off any of their products until the end of February, just type in BLOG40 at the checkout. So even if you just fancy the dual 12 or any other product on their own without forking out for the rest that’s a snazzy little saving!

*Although this product as a gift all thoughts 
are my own honest opinions


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