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One of my friends who I have known since we were but 3 years old had a fantabulous Birthday bash at Bounce, the renowned ping pong bar near chancery lane. Little did I know til after, that bounce was built on the original spot where the sport of ping pong was created! – Fun fact!

We bundled up for the nippy January weather and took our best game faces!

Through a tiny door you’d easily walk past if you weren’t looking out for, down the stairs your greeted and taken through into the main room. Where you descend another flight of stairs to a room full of ping pong tables, a bar and an elevated diner. – the diner looks like a fun and buzzy place for dates and meals with friends alike, has anyone been? I’d love to know if the food’s worth going for!

Anyway, I digress. We got to our tables and began our hour slot.

I must admit most sports aren’t really my forte – as in just don’t pick me, our team will probably lose, but hey I gave it a go and it was an absolute blast even when I missed clear shots, every now and again a fluke would come along and make up for it. right? … right?

I still tried to get in the zone and had a hilarious time, we just couldn’t stop laughing!

& with a cocktail by your side you can’t really go wrong.

Well as that has seamlessly brought us onto the drinks, I’ll tell you a little more about them! They have a huge range of shooters, cocktails, beers and wines. In my opinion the cocktails are a little pricey, but delicious and you do get a decent serving – plus the bar staff are super quick, polite and efficient. However, the shooters are a delicious mix, perfect to combine with soda or lemonade. After mixing a lady luck shooter with lemonade, I’m inclined to recommend soda as it does get a tad sickly sweet & unfortunately the luck didn’t rub off.

It’s a great place for big groups because you can all do your own thing, but still be together. We took our turns running round the table in a game of round robin, playing 6-person matches and watching from the sidelines sipping our cocktails.

It was such a fun night, even whilst trying to reduce the number of balls flying to the floor, scrambling to pick them up before the opposing team shoot a sneaky ball whilst you’re not there.

Such a great alternative to a sit down dinner or drinks at any normal bar, definitely recommending this one to everyone I see!

Have you visited Bounce? What did you think?

Bounce Farringdon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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