The Wilma Diaries – what’s in my bowl?

Now Wilma has had a lot of fun in her life in recent months, over Christmas she stayed with Patrick for a few days, she’s been on holiday to Norfolk and now the lovely people at Pet shop bowl have sent across a delicious ensemble of treats for her to try!


Now Wilma’s giving me the eyebrows, which essentially mean “be quiet and make yourself useful”, in this case being her typist.

As Bonnie said I got a delicious parcel arrive on Saturday, more like Saturyay, am I right?! Now I can be a bit fussy with food, sometimes because I genuinely don’t like it, others just to assert my authority, can’t be letting people think I’m easy to please.


First thing we tried was their dry dog food, I can’t read so no idea what it’s called – Bonnie fill them in – but what I can tell you is that they are morsels of gorgeousness. I licked the bowl clean and wolfed it down, well no where near Labrador speed, but as they say it’s all relative. With the risk of sounding like a children’s cereal advert I like it because it’s delicious and actually smells like meat, mum likes it because it’s all natural and good for me!


Next the treats! Dried chicken breast, yum yum yum! We have a lovely lady at work that makes dried meats as treats so we already knew I’d love these. I sometimes find them a bit difficult to chew, but they keep me occupied as mum tries to sneak out the door without me noticing. Yeah, Bonnie, you typed that right, I know your tricks. Mum also told me the packaging was rather fiddly to open, as a tapped my feet impatiently.


Last but certainly not least was the salmon and raspberry from natures:menu. Bonnie seemed slightly perplexed by the flavour combination, but the thing is I can’t read so I let my tastebuds test it out. One word, delicious. I gobbled it straight down, its packed full of delicious veg and chunky bits of meat.


It’s great alternative to the popular way that humans like to give dogs now which I believe is called ‘raw feeding’ without the worry of not giving us lovely pets all the nutrients we need and also the humans have none of the hassle of trying to prepare it themselves and have room in the big cold box, which I believe is called the ‘mum, what are we having for dinner’, but don’t quote me on that one.


Anyway Bonnie can takeover again, because I would like to retire to my sofa with a dried chicken breast, please and thank you!

Well, as you read, Wilma was pretty impressed by their range and the best bit for me? If I want to buy any of these fab products again the Pet Shop Bowl have amazing prices, constantly have offers on products & they’ve got something for everyone.

The delivery is impeccably fast and a service I think is so, so useful is the bottomless bowl, where you select the products you want, at the frequency you want to ensure you never run out of dog food again & it gets delivered straight to your door! No more lugging bulk bags to and from the car at 6pm when the shops are closing and you’ve had a hectic week and you can’t believe that was the last bit of food?!

Definitely something to look into for anyone with dogs, cats & even small furries!

*Although these were gifted all opinions were my own (& Wilma’s)


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