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February | Reasons to be grateful

February has kicked off my traveling schedule for 2016.


First & foremost, I swept the chap away to Norfolk, where we loaded up on British fare, plenty of walking and just got to waste time together. I wouldn’t call it long distance to any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a small distance that means we can’t see each other as often as we’d hope, so spending 3 days together is rather grand.

Next traveling excursion took me to Copenhagen, which I had the pleasure of visiting at the end of last year with a few of my favourites (& have only just gotten round to writing it up – soz). It was lovely to get to explore different parts of the city & fill up on pastries.

Coffee at lunchtime has got me in a hyper Disney haze ✨🔮☕

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Keeping that foodie foot forward, I visited Mount street deli, a coffee shop. I’ve been meaning to visit since the first time I passed it forever ago. Not only a fabulous coffee shop, but also the pantry of dreams & the perfect place to pick up pressies for the person who has it all. Delicious crackers, chutneys & other jarred condiments that would go splendidly on a cheese board.

Pancake day!!! Need I say more? I dined on pancakes & waffles alone from dawn til dusk & if you’ve been tried my mum’s waffles you’d be grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Having my (not so) little brother have a big birthday! I can’t believe how much he’s grown as a person (yes Dad, physically too, I know I always said I would be the tallest, how very wrong I was). But seriously, in the last year he’s truly become an adult and is a far kinder person than I’ll ever be, yes I get annoyed at him from time to time, but he always shines through  – My (not so) little star!

A pretty big one this month was the honour of being asked to be my friends bridesmaid! Super exciting!!! Then cramming in as many meet ups as we can before our beautiful little cherub leaves us for the states!

One such meet up was at the lovely Yasmeen. Where we got treated like princesses, the service here is just phenomenal, none of this we charge extra for bread and food is always plentiful. Because we loved it so much on our last visit we basically ordered the same. We got a few additions in the starters if a salad marinated marvellously and muhammara a smooth blend of spices, walnuts, peppers and lemon juice studded with  pomegranate seeds, which if you haven’t tried, you need in your life! It was sweet yet savoury and as with all their dishes a perfect balance of flavours! One thing we did learn from our previous visit was that a main between two was certainly enough and ordered two mixed grills for the four of us – so much food, so much deliciousness!

In general I’ve had lots of lovely catch ups & I’m extremely grateful to have such a great group of friends around me for when you just need a vent, as well as being equally good at celebrating each other! I hope they all know that they mean alot to me and I do care about all of them, even when I’m absolutely shocking at keeping up with whatsapp, Facebook and all other manner of communication.

Now let’s pull ourselves together. One thing that has come hand-in-hand with all these glorious catch ups is food, if that isn’t obvious already. Now I don’t want to give a false impression here, I’m not overly into lent, depriving yourself isn’t healthy. Having said that, challenges can be good for you, so this year I’m giving up being a sloth & doing so by getting back into running & exercising at home. I’m so lucky to have parks and lots of space near me at work and home, so I’m making the most of it!


Being sent over the cutest little parcel of ‘insulting incentives’ from that lame company. Just what I need, because seriously, productivity not pugs!


And oh my, how have I not shown you a close up yet?! The coolest addition to my room, which basically entitles me to a Hogwarts letter, right?! – my potions and spells wooden crate, I’ve filled it with all my candles. I feel like a right adult when I organise things – real adults stop laughing!

And then for those of you whom are keen on twitter you may have noticed, WE HAVE GIFS! Not that I’m like excited or love them or anything… No wait, I do, I really do, nothing conveys emotion like a gif!

Anywho, as always I absolutely love writing this post, it really sets me up for the next month. We often put too much weight on the bad in our lives, when thinking about the good in life no matter how small, is so much better for our mood, our wellbeing and in the end dwelling on the negative will get you nowhere. Have a beautiful March peeps!


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