How to be a morning person


As much as we like to fool ourselves, ‘we aren’t morning people’ it really comes down to a few simple habits that can transform your woeful wake-up call to a glorious good morning! I’ve gone through varying phases in life of late, early and mid morning riser, I’m not going to lie, once I’m very much an all or nothing, if I’m awake I’m happy, bouncy the and probably a tad annoying in the mornings all day long, but then again darkness and cold does make bed seem so much more appealing than adulting. So over time I’ve compiled a list of how I can get myself up, out of bed and ready – then I thought it might be useful for others, so here ya go!

Plan that breakfast

Take time to plan your breakfast the night before. If you’ve got something to look forward to & if it’s already prepped, such as overnight oats then all you need to do is grab it out of the fridge and enjoy! That’s a win-win for both time saving & getup & go!

Lights out

As I said in my ‘How to feel more awake in winter‘ post, the lumi clock really helps to wake you up. Staying on the idea of light when sleeping invest in some thick curtains! I am dreadful and often leave my curtains open to get the first streams of sunlight, but on a recent work trip when I closed the curtains I got a much better sleep and naturally woke up earlier.

Keep away from your phone

Keep your phone away from your bedside table, some say turn it off completely, but I’m sure lots of you use them as alarms, so just further  away. It’s far too tempting to scroll instagram for hours, its not productive and you can always do your scrolling in the morn.

Turn off the tele

Read a book, magazine, anything non-electronic before bed. The blue lights of technology ain’t no good for nobody anybody! – I thought I could do the whole double negative thing, turns out it even ignores me when it’s ironic.
This is one I really need to work on, I know I get a better night without television, but I always want to watch something at 10pm and its so much easier to watch later shows in bed. But this one’s vital. The blue/green light depresses the levels of melatonin and so too can disrupt your circadian rhythm and upset your sleep.

Have a reason to get up

Do your workout in the morning, not only will you be full of endorphins, energy and your metabolism will get a kick start, but you won’t have to think about the energy required to do something after a draining day.

Anyone else got any go to tips to make getting up in the morning that bit easier?


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