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Money saving travel tips


Being someone who loves travel I am obsessed with finding the best deal, so I can see as much of the world of possible on my stretched little budget.

Personal Capital shared a pretty little infographic with their top travel hacks, so I thought I’d share it with you all along with a few of my own top tips for getting the best deal!

Compare, compare, compare

I compare all my flights on skyscanner, it takes out all the difficulty of hopping from website to website, comparing all your flights on one page with all your own parameters.

For accommodation I use a mix of, expedia and trivago. If you prefer a quirky place with more of a feel for the area Airbnb has some great unique places to stay, for great prices, plus you can make your own food, so saving money yet again! In either flights or accommodation, I like to book directly with the airline or accomodation as you tend to get a better deal and you don’t get the additional administration charges of third parties. However, for the longer haul flights I sometimes let a travel company book everything for me, my personal favourite is trailfinders as they always find you the best deals, great stop overs and can actually give you personal recommendations for most destinations!

When to book

I am a bit of a worry wart, so I like to book as far in advance as possible, normally 6 months I find is a good time for those expensive flights, ferries etc. Hotels and cheaper flights you seem to get away with those last minute deals. Apparently booking your flights leaving on a Wednesday and the red eye can get you the best deals as you’re missing the weekend holiday makers, plus it gives you more time to explore getting to your destination bright and early then leaving as late as possible!

Obviously, try to book outside of school holidays, sometimes that’s unavoidable, but if you can you’ll save a truck load!

Gain points wherever you can

I try and get a loyalty card for every airline I use, to gain points and points mean prizes, in the form of discounted flights (BA,SAS … have great loyalty cards/apps)! Many swear by the trusty credit cards, but I’m not sold on the idea of credit cards as a thing, so I don’t have any experience of these.

Have you got any money saving tips?


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