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What to wear in Italy

Everywhere I go I always google what’s the average temperature and what to wear.


With Italy being a bit of a favourite, having tried several outfit combinations in different seasons I’ve come up with bit of a capsule wardrobe, that’s small enough to fit in a carry on & I’ve even tried – huge emphasis on the tried – to be trendy.

Now I’ve split these depending on average temperature, obviously there may be the odd day much warmer or colder, but you smart cookies will obviously check the weather before you go, to make your final clothing choices.


March – April & October

Average temp: ~14°C

We’re just heading into the warmth of spring, light jackets required, perhaps a rain coat. This is a great time to visit Italy, it’s the kind of weather where you can wear anything, you don’t need a massive coat, but neither are you sweltering in a t-shirt and shorts.

Layers are always my go to when packing, so you can alter throughout the day.


My packing list:

Rain coat

Light knitwear

T-shirts/cami tops

Something snazzy for the evening – tailored and good quality goes down a treat in Italy, it doesn’t have to be on trend, just fit well and look good. I’ve gone for a h&m jumpsuit with swooshy legs.

Snazzy shoes to go with your snazzy outfit – sandals may be a bit chilly, but some heeled ankle boots are great for the chillier spring evenings.


Trainers for lots of walking

A light scarf – think pashmina, great for a little extra warmth or a coverup in churches


May – September

Average temp: ~25°C

Hot, hot, hot.

Sunglasses, sun cream, shorts, skirts and light tops are all a must! However, bring light cotton cover ups for exploring the beautifully ornate churches.


My packing list:

Maxi skirts galore

Crop tops, perfect with a floaty high waisted maxi skirt!

Cami tops


A light knee length linen skirt to pop over the top of the shorts to be church appropriate

Again a pashmina, not for warmth obviously. Just for covering those pesky shoulders in churches & handy to keep you from burning!




November – February

Average temp: ~9°C

Depending on where you are in Italy the cold varies, obviously. But I’m sure if you’ve ever seen an Italian tourist in winter they have a mega coat on, usually of the puffa variety. Again plenty of layers are essential. Italy’s weather over Autumn/Winter is chilly and depending on where you go it can snow!


My packing list:


Trainers – check the weather, if it’s all snow two pairs of boots may be a better bet.

Thick coat

Jumpers galore! As I said Italy can get rather nippy once winter comes a knocking! I love roll necks, even  thin ones to layer under a nice woolly jumper.


Leggings/tights – handy to layer under your jeans or trousers for an extra layer.


What ever time of year you go always pack:

– At least two pairs of shoes of varying heights. You can walk for miles, everywhere I’ve been in Italy. So comfy shoes and being able to swap them on a daily basis is definitely required!

– A well fitting outfit for dinner – Italians aren’t known for their chic for nothing!

I hope my lists have helped you with your packing! I’d love to hear all about your traveling plans in the comments below!


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