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Changi Airport, Singapore

In conversation over dinner I found myself babbling on about travel, once again.
This time about the journey rather than the destination.


You get off a long haul flight and what do you want?
You want your legs to stop aching and some fresh air and Singapore Airport does more than deliver on both fronts.

There are massage chairs dotted about everywhere and amazing gardens, ponds and rooms to keep you interested for hours & these are constantly changing (go on take a sneaky peak) – of course there are shops too for those retail orientated.

“Gardens, in an airport?!” I hear you say – yep and they are outdoors. I’ve got to say I love them all!

Please excuse the over excited tired face

The cactus garden is located in the first terminal, go straight into the corner of the food court, up an escalator and escape into the heat of Singapore, Cacti line the paths and there’s a bar to enjoy a coffee or something stronger as you watch planes land and take off around you.

The sunflower garden (in terminal 2) is more serene, no bar, fewer people, a few benches and sunflowers bobbing their heads as the planes fly overhead.

The butterfly garden is an absolute must, with varieties I had never seen before flitting about overhead. It’s just covered in netting, so another humid one, filled with flowers and fruit for the butterflies to nibble on as you pass through their little oasis. You can find this little delight in Terminal 3.

If you’d like to stay in the heat, but fancy something to cool you down at the same time, head on over to the airport hotel in terminal 1, you can pay a small fee to take a dip in their pool overlooking the runway, if you’ve got a longer stop over – like we did – you can stay in the hotel and hotel customers get to use the pool for free. Perfect to stretch your legs after a long flight!


Otherwise if air-conditioning is more your thing, you can walk in, around and above the Orchids in the second terminal. I love orchids and this absolutely took my breath away!


You’ll find the Koi pond in terminal 3. Koi’s are a sign of good fortune, so cross the bridge, make a wish and watch as they elegantly glide through the water below.

As I am sure you have gathered, Singapore Airport is a world in its own, so if you have a choice to stop over there, grab it with both hands and don’t let go!

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life’s a journey not a destination.”


2 thoughts on “Changi Airport, Singapore

    1. Hi Bethany! I’ve stopped over in the airport once and came out to visit Sentosa for less than 24hrs on the way back from Australia. But I definitely want to go back, it’s such a colourful, clean and safe city & their food markets looked so so good!

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