Film review | Brooklyn

My brother, is rather good at choosing films. For mothers day he bought Brooklyn for us to watch as a family.

Based on the book of the same name by Colm Tóibín’s. You jump in to a normal Irish family life, little information is given away of what’s happened before the film starts. This follows Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) an Irish girl in the 1950’s and her immigration to America, hopping on a three day boat across the ocean to New York & the future that lie ahead.

The thing is the storyline isn’t exceptional, but the characters and their relationships are. Each character in the film has been perfectly cast. As you’d probably expect Saoirse is a fantastic strong female lead, but even the smallest of lines add something to the film and the quick witted landlady, Mrs Kehoe (Julie Walters) is definitely a favourite of mine. The script throughout is clever, funny and every sentence seems to have real thought in it, think period drama. After the expected homesickness and settling in Eilis begins to truly find the future she is looking for furthering her knowledge and finding the gorgeously loved-up & giddy Tony (Emorey Cohen). But of course things could never be left that simple.

I’m going to leave it there for the story, as I hate reading a review and spoiling the film if I haven’t watching it.

The whole thing is beautifully filmed, capturing the New York cityscape  and Irish countryside perfectly, sharply changing scenes in the city giving that quick feel, whilst the rural scenes are taken that wee bit slower.

As I said nothing extraordinary occurs in the film, but you get drawn in quickly, you relate to the heart ache, the morning and get frustrated as the relationships get complicated. I only wish they’d give a bit more of an inkling as to what will happen next for Eilis, but I suppose it’s enough to keep me thinking about it & gives that space for your own imagination – well played Mr Tóibín.

A film I would recommend to anyone after an emotional roller coaster, a dash of that vintage flare and a healthy shake of romance.


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