March | Reasons to be grateful

With a cheshire cat grin plastered on my face it can only mean one thing, it’s time to count them blessings from the month!

We like to do family movie nights in our house, my brother has the best taste in films and is always getting something new. This time Brooklyn was on the cards. An amazing film, it’s one of those films where nothing and everything happens, brilliantly filmed and got us all on that emotional roller coaster.

The loveliest Kathryn is getting married later in the year, so the clucking of a hen party was a nice entrance into March! Food & pampering are a girls best friend, throw in some wine and cocktails, lots of laughs and it was an absolute perfect day out!

Chloe & I took to the coach station and made our way down to Southampton to visit the Lovely Lizzie. Where we learnt some inline hockey, which excited and terrified me in equal measure. But I definitely want to take up roller blading, SO.MUCH.FUN.

Easter, oh hey there! I love Easter, in fact I love all national holidays! Give me family time and good food and I become giddy with excitement!!!

& Easter also means lambing season. Did you guys watch This farming life? It’s a phenomenal insight into the daily life and struggles faced by modern day farmers around Britain. Definitely worth watching on catch up & buying all the British produce to support them!

Got to see Patrick for more than two days in a row! It’s all about lifes little victories when you work full time and the chap is busy studying.

My friend made me this beautiful dinky vivarium necklace & I’m in love.

Venice with the girls went like a whirlwind. It was perfect and if anyone ever asks me when they should visit Venice I will now always say March/April. Perfect weather for lots of exploring, not too hot, not too cold (go on take a peak on insta).

Having my little cousin living with us. He’s been with us for a little while, but I like the dynamic he brings, he’s hilariously quick witted and has brought out a prankster in my brother, which I love!

I hosted my first ever blog giveaway, which I felt pretty jazzy about. It’s closed now. Soz.

Latte breakfast in bed ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿดโ˜•

A post shared by Bonnie (travel+food+london) (@bonnie_wonders) on

Breakfasts!!! I love taking some time over breakfast, but breakfast in bed is the tops of the fancy life feeling.

Trying to fool tourists with Minx in front of Buckingham palace. Yep, we tried. Yes, loads of people gawped. Nope, no one asked us if we were Royal. Dang flabbit!

What was your March highlight real?


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