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Meat Liquor

I know, I know. Another American burger joint, I hear ya groan.

But you know it isn’t, as soon as you walk in. Light, bright and lots of windows? Nahhh, Darkness and dim lighting is where it’s at. Clean lines & minimalism, perfectly instagramable? Nuhuh, red paint splattering to the tune of an abbatoir.

Yes, those make it stand out, but wait for the food.

I always wonder what can be so different about each burger place. But ย that’s the beauty of London, you can go for the same food from so many different restaurants, but there will be something exciting and special about each of them – or you know, they’ll flop. Then again they might get away with all these burger joints because of this ruddy ridiculous no reservation policies that seem very en vogue that keeps the Londoners pouring in wherever that doesn’t have a queue round the corner.

Well I highly doubt that’s the reason MeatLiquor has taken off. The burgers are great, something to suit everyone, but what really steals the show? The sauces!ย The dead hippy sauce is a trademark of MeatLiquor, a scrummy, top secret, no more information than ‘it’s a mustardy mayonnaise’ – it’s so much more. But take these words of experience, dead hippy burger and dead hippy fries together is a bit of overkill.

When I’ve gone I’ve always ordered half and half – because, indecisiveness & FOMO – always the right choice, chicken tower block & Dead Hippie are my fave. So much flavour!

Fried pickles are something I tried on my most recent visit, a bit dubious, but ordering to share with the ‘don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it attitude’ & I am so glad I tried them. The gherkin is still fresh & sharp, enveloped in a crisp batter, dip that baby in the blue cheese sauce and there’s a party in your mouth – order it, your taste buds will thank you!

Also if your planning on indulging & come on, don’t kid yourself, you’re at MeatLiquor, order the salted caramel milkshake & let the sweet nectar laden with sea salt crystals wash over you like a deliciously calorific wave.

So much food, so much food baby, so worth it!

& as if that wasn’t enough to set it apart, they’re dog friendly – there’s such a limited number of places that aren’t pubs or places with just outside seating – hello, we live in London, rain is frequent, we’d like to sit inside. I’m ranting I know, but dog friendly is something I stand for & as long as they are well behaved I can’t wait to see more restaurants open their doors to dogs!

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