Film Review | Zootropolis

I’m just going to put this out there at the start. I reckon this is Disney’s best modern film. When I came out of this film I knew I had to share it. I saw an advert and I was sold. Disney, hilarity, animals! Do I need more? No, no I don’t.

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But there is so much more and you might probably need more convincing.

It’s got wit, a bit of grit – but do remember, it is Disney after all – and a hell of a lot of feel good.

They set the scene in the suburbs a little Judy Hopps, wants to become the first ever bunny police officer. She faces a lot of doubt, discrimination and down right nastiness along the way, but with her feisty determination graduates as a police officer and makes her way to zootropolis *cue the hoards of children in the cinema fist pumping*!

Of course it doesn’t go that smoothly for her and manages to get tangled up with a hustler in trying to solve a major case, but as usual everything ain’t what it seems.

I was cracking up throughout, had a bit of a jumpy bit and just wanted it all to work out for the underdograbbit.

The storyline was fresh, the messages clear and well timed, the animation was wowsers, all the emotions in a cartoons face, but wait, there’s more. Disney did a bit of a marvel on us, referring to a bit of popular culture in the form of a subtle Frozen reference and a more obvious breaking bad one. There could have been more, but that’s all I noticed – let me know if you spotted any others.

I came out wanting to watch it all over again, such a feel good and Shakira singing you out leaves you with an upbeat catchy tune.


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