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Wedding guest dresses

Weddings fill you with excitement for the day. Yay for love, yay for pretty settings, yay for a celebration!

But then you suddenly realise, what on earth do I wear?!

So many styles! What style is the wedding? Does this dress make me look frumpy? Is this too formal? Is this formal enough?

So many questions, so few answers.

Well I’ve been burrowing away at this like a little rabbit & I’ve put together a few of my favourites for you. I think I’ve covered most styles to suit all weddings & this way no matter if I change computer, am on the go or whatever I’ve got my little chunk of the internet to refer back to.

Wedding guest dresses


  1. Pretty, lacey, church appropriate length. Ticks all the boxes Chi chi £67
  2. I’m a beautiful spring like princess, secret garden eat your heart out  ASOS £85
  3. Winter florals, what a babe of a shape! Chi chi always nails the prom skirt!  Chi chi £58
  4. Why hello there Miss Hepburn. Pricey, yes. But so pretty! check out the powder blue all the heart eyes!!!  Ted Baker £199
  5. Imagine this floating down to a beach wedding in this baby!  Missguided £45
  6. light, breezy, cool cut-outs and it’s got a handy little price tag to boot! Zara £29.99
  7. a little bit lacey, a little bit midi, a little bit oh heyy there gurrlll! Missguided £35, down to £20!
  8. You’re cool, bold & you rock a jumpsuit, firstly I salute you (bought my first jumpsuit this year & I feel like a sassy babe in it) Missguided £35
  9.  Not gunna lie I felt like a granny flicking through, it’s all short skirts and over-revealing cutouts, cute for the club perhaps, but not for the church – but this little numbers beaut, am I right? PLT £25
  10. Errbody loves a wiggle dress Oasis £55, NOW £44
  11. All the structure, exuding elegance and class  ASOS £65
  12. Swishy, gorgeous, eyelash laced, open backed beautifullness  ASOS £85, NOW £25.50

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