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From London to Edinburgh by train

When leaving for Scotland on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend I had no intention of blogging about it. A short 24 hour trip which would mainly involve being indoors, not much to blog about, I thought. And in all honesty I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the journey – even though normally I love a good train journey.

But soon we were whizzing past stunning landscapes, a rich tapestry weaving itself as we went. Each scene as breathtaking as the last. My love for trains was rekindled and my nose was  pressed firmly against the glass drinking in view after view trying to snap as much as I could.

Although the actual train journey was subpar due to very few toilets working and those that did were virtually unusable, combined ridonkulous overcrowding, I had to count my blessings… not only having a seat, but a window seat to be able to leave reality and picking out my favourite places along the way, making note and compiling the perfect adventure!

The EastCoast route is pretty spectacular, winding up to Edinburgh through East Anglia, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Northumberland and over the border into Berwickshire was like seeing a highlight real. I’ve been to York just once before for a rather fleeting visit, and this reminded me the need to visit the stunning spa town properly – & of course it would have to include the obligatory Bettys visit!

Lush fields, glistening golden oil rape and dramatic seaside scenes all went by in a blur.

Durham really caught my eye, undulating with it’s ornate cathedral perched atop the central peak. Somewhere that has got a firm place on my list.

Then before I knew it we’d reached Newcastle, somewhere I’d quite frankly never had the urge to see. It looked rather glorious in the sun and you know what, you’ve won me over with your flirty little wink  of a windowscene.

But the gem, the true stunner, was Berwick-upon-tweed. Right on the seafront, it sits as you come round the corner you see a peninsula piercing the sea and waving you in for a better view. Now get ready for the money shot (of course I missed it) over the royal boarder bridge. You’ll be privy to houses clustered on top of each other like a little toy town with bucket loads of charm a wide river cutting clean between Berwick-upon-tweed and tweedmouth. From the train I spotted quite a few walks and could just imagine summer days strolling along the surrounding sand dunes running in and out of the sea, exploring the cobbled lanes and can you imagine what the sea food be like. Gaahhh! I need this place in my life!

And although you see very little of Edinburgh from the station how can it not be on a castle lovers list?! A city brimming with things to do, striking views from Arthur’s seat and have I ever told you that I have a serious thing for Scottish fare.

Definitely a great journey to give you plenty of ideas for holidays along the way and as we chugged our way up the country I thought to myself how lovely it would be even to make this journey with a few stops along the way.

But then my continued on, following the Clyde down past hills, fields and glorious lochs. I mean, with a name like mine how could I not?!


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