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A mini guide to Stockholm

I’ve written quite a few travel posts now, but I haven’t written about one of my favourite corners of the world.

Stockholm is a very fun and exciting city, something to suit everyone, cityscape surrounded by water, parks and a short sail away to the islands of the archipelago.

This can be a tad bit intimidating, facing a city full of opportunity and getting major FOMO.

Most of my family are scattered about the outskirts and I try to get over there at least once a year – although in recent years with working, travelling and trying to catch up with everyone in England, let alone abroad I haven’t been able to visit as often as I would like.

But when I do get a chance to get back or even better am showing someone new about, these are the places I simply HAVE to show them!

For culture


Fun fact I was christened in the church in this open air museum. My mum says it was so I could be close to my family, sounds sweet enough, but what she meant was the monkeys in the neighbouring enclosures. Thanks mum, love you too!

This is one of my favourite places to while away summer days. Exploring the traditional Swedish buildings, seeing craftmanship skills first hand such as glass blowing, baking and sometimes even old stories or sagas are told in the creaky wooden houses.

Between end of June and beginning of August is the best time to visit in my opinion.

Want to know why?
The funnest of fun things called Allsong på skansen happens – I can already feel Patrick rolling his eyes at my over excited stuper for this all singing all dancing bonanza, which epitomizes all things cringe in his view. But not for me! I love it!

A stunning backdrop as the sunsets over Stockholm city, great atmosphere and sing-a-longs! Some of the things which make me all giggly and happy!

But if you’re not into all that just walk about the day and don’t stay, simples. But you are missing out…just sayin’

Vasa musem

Following the short lived voyage of the great ship Vasa which sunk in Stockholms harbour on her maiden voyage due for China. This is beautifully preserved, amazing craftmanship on the wood carvings and all of the different circumstances that led to her untimely demise.

ABBA museum

A new addition to the musuems of Stockholm is the ABBA museum which my other half reluctantly trundled through. I absoltuley loved it, and you end walking through the era’s of Swedish music, finding bands from the early 20th Century through to modern day. I found out some really famous songs were Swedish and you can have a good ol’ listen. It’s a great modern museum, so interactive that you can even get on stage with ABBA themselves! – Yep, you can imagine how enthusiastic Patrick was about that one… HA!

Moderna museet

The modern art museum in Stockholm is great all year round, but I particularly love it at Christmas when they have their Ginger bread house competition! One year we saw a gingerbread jigsaw of Sweden, a VW van and castles all made purely of gingerbread to name a few.

It’s also a beautiful little walk across to the island on which it lives, giving you a nice little view back to the city… But a few more of those later!



Nestled right in the centre of town it’s pretty amazing, especially the views off off the swings across the water to Stockholm city skyline. Grona Lund is a really fun evening running around roller coaster, fun houses and some great little eateries, but some summer nights Grona Lund hosts amazing acts on their stage, the likes of Lady Gaga, Lionel Ritchie and many more have graced its stage.

For views & food

Kaknes tornet

I tried to paint this in year 7 art class, I tried really hard. It turned out dreadfully. But I tried because as you may have guessed from previous posts I have a real softspot for a good view! You can see above the islands of Stockholm from their viewing deck, then go down a floor for a fika, because you wouldn’t be in Sweden without a fika of coffee & cake!

P.s. their restaurant is purrtyyy darn snazzy – the lunch menu is reasonable, but limited choice as they cook seasonally – you’ll notice most places will cook to the season, but to be honest I prefer it that way and the choice you do get is always fantastic and delicious, so it isn’t a strike against it.

Sodra teatern

Stockholm is oozing cool, I mean it’s hipsters galore and so of course the theatre overlooking Slussen has a trendy little bar and food spot. Sodra Tearten serves up snazzy food in small portions, fabulous cocktails and is often jam packed, great for a light bite done well, not so great for those of you who get hangry.


Much like Kaknas tornet, a panoramic view of the city. However, much closer to the city in Sodermalm. A great little dining spot, high quality fare and decent portion sizes, a good wine list too! We had a particularly fun time at lunch when it was nice and quiet up there, taking the views in and taking those much needed photographs.


A vegetarian restaurant not only boasts one of the most diverse and delicious buffets I have ever visited but on a sunny day grab an outside seat and watch the big ships moor up to the harbour below. The courtyard is beautifully sun dappled below the trees, perfect for those summer days.


For shopping

Östermalms hallen

You have to see a fresh food market in action and everyone will tell you the best is undeniably at Ostermalms hallen. Pricey, yes! but you can always just go and gawp at the ginormous fish and check out the variety which Stockholms surrounds has to offer. Everything from meat, cheese, fruit, veg and delicious drinks all under one roof to explore. Well you never really know a country til you’ve experienced their cuisine, right?!

Kungstre gården 

In the spring this big sqaure is framed by beautiful blossoms and the winter, you’ll find a large ice skating rink. All year round you’ll find a range of stalls on the weekend with scandi trinkets, foods and souvenirs.

Gamla Stan, stor gattan

Full of trinkets, beautifully hand crafted jewellery in baltic amber and other precious stones, old fashioned home ware and the classic touristy t-shirts that line any central city’s shopping streets.

It’s the cosiest of shopping in Stockholm if you ask me. Lovely old cafes, perfect for people watching, cobbled lanes going off in every direction waiting to be explored finally leading to the primary coloured houses lining stora torget (the main square of this little island). A stunning oasis in Stockholm & the perfect picture opportunity for those of you that way inclined (me, so much me).


Of course there is so much more to this waterbound city than its centre and I would go as far to say that you haven’t been to Sweden until you’ve seen its countryside.

Summer would be my perfect time to explore and if you get a sunny day a boat trip out to Vaxholm or any of the other pretty islands of the archipelago wouldn’t go amiss, great for day trips or a long weekend.

Otherwise just travelling to the ends of the tunnelbana will get you to the suburbs where lakes are for swimming, fishing or water sports (but equally there are a few places to take up water sports and tour the city too which is pretty cool).
So they are my top places to visit in Stockholm. I’d love to read yours!


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