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Dickie Fitz, Fitzrovia

A dripping June day traipsing through the rainy streets of Fitzrovia led me to the warm yellow hues of Dickie Fitz for a glorious meal with friends.

Grey and yellow is really my jam at the mo, so it’s all my interior goals wrapped up in a neon bow.

Sitting down and feeling a bit ‘treat yo self’ due to the horrid “summer” we are were experiencing we opted for cocktails to start. Now dickie Fitz can get a bit pricey for their mains, well cooked, sitting pretty and a glorious setting probably makes it worth it, but if you fancy trying a bit of everything and not forking out for their mouth wateringly delicious looking tasting menu opt for a few small plates.

But let’s begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop – as the King of hearts once said.

My eyes flew to the Bonza sour, because sometimes everybody’s a little narcissistic and wants a drink that’s basically named after them right?… right?
Well anyway, it was delicious, and I’d have it all over again, so there!

She’ll be apples looked equally delicious & U Beaut got us giggling at the wit and yum yum yum, thumbs up so far Dickie.

Then the mains so Joelle and I decisively decided to be indecisive and get a little of this, that and the other. Which ended up being:

Lobster and prawn gyoza, probably the most normal of our dishes. Fresh, light and delicious. We ordered two and I think we both were happy that we did!

Squid & cho‘ritz’o nuggets – I’m sure the name is meant to be clever, but the wit went straight over my head, anyone who gets it fill me in, please? Anyway yummy lil golden nuggets. Crisp coating, and an al dente center, the sauce was delicious and the only word I can think of to describe its flavour is umami.

The truffle ‘macancini’ mysterious both in name and appearance.

Four crisp black balls, sort of truffle looking – clever – filled with mac and cheese – I hear the ahhhh chorus! It was yum, but a little dry, so we dipped it in the squid ink sauce and the chilli sauce from the gyoza alternately.

All in all a great little meal to fill us up, warm our cockles and ready us to bundle up and face the dreary journey home.

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2 thoughts on “Dickie Fitz, Fitzrovia

    1. Yeah, that’s the only thing we could think of for the nuggets too! Haha.
      Thank you so much for the nomination that’s so sweet of you!!!

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