Fast food for a fast paced life

Fast paced.

That’s how to describe life right now.

To paraphrase a popular 90’s sit-com I’ve moved in with a boy!!!

So along with moving comes a lot of work and all your time being taken up with moving stuff and making your new space feel homely.

So when the lovely people at Thornleys offered to send me some of their time saving sauces, I couldn’t think of a better time!

The creamy chicken herb sauce was our first choice, to accompany a roast, because sometimes you gotta colour outside the lines and not stick to what the packet says.

It was a great accompaniment to a roast, adding a bit of liqueur and super delicious (plus you can then save the left overs for the rest of the week, can you tell we’ve got all budget-y foodies?!). Even better, they are made solely of natural ingredients, a huge time saver and surprisingly has not got gluten in it, and still thickens well!

Just FYI, when its cooked it’s best to keep stirring throughout, however, if you do leave it, it may go lumpy, but easily fixed by stirring through again.

*I was sent the sauce as a free sample from Thornleys,
however all thoughts are my own!


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