Summer of Yoga

I don’t know about you,but I live following a handful of yogis on instagram.

Sort of to motivate me to actually do something yoga from time to time and also its pretty epic and everybody loves a good inner peace/yogi motivational quote. If you do the same you’ll notice each summer said yogis head out on snazzy retreats to recentre and contort their bodies in exotic locations.

I mean, if I had an endless budget and could I’d probably go for the Swiss alps in summer, as opposed to Santorini and or a hot island retreat. I’d definitely opt for lots of outdoors activities having a gorgeous retreat full of yoga, hikes and swimming, all whilst soaking up the glorious views and snow capped mountains while the sun beats down.

But this got me thinking about getting out and about at summer. Because really doing yoga outside is the best kind of yoga – letting loose your inner Pocahontas and becoming one with nature, no matter where you are.

As I’ve said before summer really gets me motivated to move, I want to be outside more, appreciate everything around me and even though I love a good run to quickly scan the wider surroundings through yoga you can really see every little detail around you.

Two years ago now, I went along to lululemons event in Hyde park, which was magical as the sunset and a harp played soft melodies.
Well the great thing is Eventbrite have a huge list of yoga retreats, classes and events all over the world. So if you fancy going along close to home, or taking up a class whilst you’re away, they’ve got it. Even if you’re interested in setting up a class in your local area they have a quick and easy way to do that too, for free as well if the event is free!
I love doing yoga when I can, even on my own, but I do love the sense of community in classes and with these classes there’s something for every ability and every budget too!



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