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Himlen Stockholm

Gotgattan weaves its way down to slussen, made up of cobblestones, pubs, restaurants and some classic Swedish fashion brands you can see why this is one of Stockholms social hubs. It’s got the character of Gamla Stan (the old town), but wider roads and a cracking view down to where it meets the water.

Trek on up and you’ll be in for a treat, for nestled unassumingly in Skrapan building is Himlen, one of Stockholm’s few sky scrapers.

I’ve told you a brief verse about it before, but on visiting again I thought it deserved a post all of its own.

Again we booked the bar upstairs (much better view and the down stairs restaurant isn’t open during summer). Greeted by the same spectacular views and perched right by the window.

They water you and serve you bread with perfectly salted butter whilst you peruse the menu.

Himlens wine list is good a single A5 page, enough choice, but not so much that it leaves your head spinning. Red is our flavour of the month so we decided on a Malbec.

& their cocktails aren’t a bad option either.

These guys know Swedish fare and they do it well. They cook seasonally so it will change but if you have a chance to try their kantarelle on sourdough it’s eye rollingly delicious.

The steak minute was Patrick’s choice and having tried it before I can most certainly recommend it. The fries are divine and the bernaise is so so yum.

I decided the dish of the day was on the cards for me. White fish, swimming in hollandaise and melt in the mouth veg.

Portions are good, not uncomfortably filling, but enough to make you second guess having a dessert. But there’s always room for coffee – the Swedes know good coffee, I’d order the coffee.

Then sit back and lap up the view, spot the sights from above, mark your route  my fingertipping around the city, scout out your favourite Grona Lund rides and watch the sun dip below the horizon.


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