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The 5 Travel FOMO-ers

Travelling seems to be an inherent trait of our generation, whether it’s making the most of your school holidays, annual leave, going off to find yourself for a year, whether it be back packing, luxury or anywhere in between. The world is there. We want to see it. Simple.

With so many travel quotes, bright colours and exciting experiences, who can blame us?
But something that comes hand in hand with this constant wanderlust is travel FOMO.

Firstly we have the virtual fomo. When your instagram, Facebook or whatever other form of social media is filled with beautiful destinations and bright colours (oh, we all know you’ve filtered the s#*t out of that) we get itchy feet. We want to see those sights, get enveloped in the smells and feel it all for ourselves.

Second, the photo fomo. Great you actually did it, you’re off exploring, out in the big bad world seeing new places you want to make sure you don’t miss a single thing that captures this city. Damn it, did you see that picture? You know that one building, one sunset, one thing that really made you think, yep that’s [insert destinations name] why didn’t I get that shot?!

Then there’s the foodie fomo. But what if I didn’t get the true [insert destination name here] foodie experience. What if I didn’t do my research and I’ve missed the classic dish of the region?

Not forgetting the adventure fomo. Was it exciting enough? How can I make sure I have some crazy, wild stories to bring home?

Copycat fomo is the worst kind. You’ve heard about this magical place from a friend, family member, blogger, however you know doesn’t really matter. But what if you don’t get that great experience they did? That looked so much better when they did that!

But honestly, you know what?

Quit worrying.

For one thing, all of these ‘FOMO’s’ give you an excuse to go back, find new places and explore. But also, that’s the great thing with travel, people will come back from the same  place, even on the same trip and have two completely different experiences of it. That’s what makes it special, interesting and amazing to share travel stories.
Don’t get to hepped up by missing out and focus more on what you have got in front of you and what you take from every journey.


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